With October just a couple of days away, we have entered the official part of the NaNoWriMo prep season. The time has come for planners to kick their organizational skills into gear, and for pantsers to consider heading down to the store and purchasing the coffee and sweets they'll likely need to survive the writing marathons looming in their imminent future. The NaNoWriMo website is being reset in October, and all 2014 participants will be free to create their upcoming novels, input titles and patiently wait for the other side of Halloween, when the real work begins.

Here at TheHonestBookclub, we love, honor, respect and cherish the tradition that is NaNoWriMo, and all it stands for (until November comes around, when we are very likely to be cursing the idea, ourselves and that part of our brain which decided it was a good idea for us to entertain). Apart from our usual literary shenanigans like reviews, interviews and blog tours, some of the other well-established features of our blog will be dedicated to the art of creative writing. In an effort to minimize the torturous, agonizing battle with our motivation, inspiration and various other -tions come November, today we have compiled a list of affairs to put in order during NaNoWriMo prep. If you have found yourself wondering what you could do in October to make your life easier in November, you've come to the right place. These are just a few of the very many options at your disposal. Whether you're a planner or a pantser, you're likely to come across some tips which might be of use. Believe us - your sleep-deprived November self will appreciate the effort in retrospect.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Ready...

Part 3 - Set...

Part 4.1 - NaNoWriMo!

Part 4.2 - NaNoWriMo writing tools

It isn't nuclear science exactly, but these are some of the tips that we think are most helpful, and felt compelled to share with our fellow prospective NaNos. The links to all the websites and resources mentioned are listed below. You may also download this guide in full size. And if you're looking for writing buddies for November to have word sprints with and who will keep you motivated - you've come to the right place. Our NaNoWriMo profiles are listed below. Feel free to add us.

Download full guide (free of charge and it's legal - we made it): [here]

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