Presumably, in some parallel universe (#hellyeahspacepuns), it is entirely possible to love The Illuminae Files for the plot alone, completely setting aside its utter, groundbreaking artistic brilliance.

Alas, this is not said universe. This is where art and literary magnificence marry and comingle and enjoy equal amounts of reverence and respect. We're scandalous like that.

And The Illuminae Files, as the most tangible union of fantastic art, unique storytelling, and crazy amazing writing... well, I've made my feelings for it known a time or two. (Provided that you are okay with interpreting 'a time' as 'a thousand times' and 'two' as 'actually, twice that much'.) For anyone who has made my bi-weekly mentions of Illuminae in every bookish context imaginable into a drinking game...

... please don't do that. I care about your well-being, but I also have a problem. Namely, murderous, poetic, sassy AIs and their affection for humans, by starlight.

And so - behold. Kady, by starlight, and AIDAN, in his most questionably merciful glory.

I went there. I painted them. Exactly no one is surprised. After all, painting a face out of NUMBERS AND CHARACTERS is akin to a slap in the face to anyone who dabbles in digital art. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The Illuminae Files, perhaps, don't need much fan art. The series is artistic nirvana in its own right. But fan art is has gotten on my end, and fan art it may still get. Because rarely have characters burrowed into my heart quite this much, and rarely have I gone back to them only to find them better (?!) and sassier (?!) every time I do.

They grow in sass in my absence. And said sass I must then honor with a painting.

To whom it may concern, I posted a general bookish fan art Q&A a few months ago. For any additional questions - fire away in the comments below! (Though not literally, because at this point, methinks even AIDAN would much rather you didn't.)

I dwell (and plot wold domination) on all manner of artsy social media, and I welcome (and demand) your friend requests, that we may join forces and AIDAN the world away. Are we not merciful?