Happy New Year, fellow book lovers! We hope 2015 was very kind to you, and that you discovered about a million great books. Here at The Honest Bookclub, we're wishing you a bookish 2016 full of new favourites and characters who become your friends for life.

Now, onto the real reason of this post. I received my Fandom of the Month box only 2 days after Christmas. Not bad, considering the Christmas period is hectic, and everything shuts. (Trying to get a dentist to look at my ongoing wisdom tooth pain has been just as much of a pain as the tooth has).

It has arrived, and I'm a happy bunny!

Even the sight of this box excites me. They're diddy and adorable! (And don't open this post if you've not yet received yours yet. Y'know, spoilers and all. Unless you want to be spoiled, in which case go ahead!)

So, I already knew what this month's theme was. Fandom of the Month showed us a teaser on their Facebook page. And by teaser, I mean they showed us everything but one object from the box. I'm not too mad - it wasn't everything included in the box, and they do tend to do that each month. They aren't big on secret-keeping.

Considering the little movie that came out last month was quite a big deal, I wasn't surprised to find it was themed around this (fairly unknown) film. And yes, I'm being incredibly sarcastic.

This month's theme is Star Wars.

I'll tell you this now, I've seen one Star Wars movie *gasp!* - and it was only about 2 months ago. It wasn't my cup of tea. I know, I already get people giving me stick for this, but we can't all like the same thing!

But disregarding that, the stuff in this box is still so cute!  Now, don't hurt me if this is wrong but the card has... the Death Star? Now I'm worried I've just infuriated a ton of Star Wars fans. If this is incorrect, please do correct me.

I'll admit, I do use these FOTM cards for times when I'm without a bookmark. They're actually quite handy!

As is the usual drawstring bag, which is very cute. It reads 'Bleep Blop Boop Blip Beep', which is quite adorkable.

Again, a nice re-usable bag to store all my jewelry in. I do know someone who would very much the entirety of this box. They're a very big fan. So giving it to them in this bag would be super cute.

Now, I know who this hairy guy is. I was quite delighted to see this Chewbacca magnet, as I was always was quite fond of him, even though I know nothing about him. I think him being big and fluffy is probably the reason. So how can I not? Also, my friend does a good impression of him. He'll sit proudly next to my Supernatural and my fandom magnets on my fridge.
*makes Chewbacca noise*

And now onto the jewelry. Here we have a necklace with R2D2 and C3PO hanging proudly, and it's quite a nifty little thing. I like it! If I were a big Star Wars fan, I'd be all over this. It's quite elegant, it's long and I love how intricate the characters are. Detailed and very pretty.

Probably my favourite thing in the box are these lightsaber earrings. Yes, you read that right. Just look at those! I think they're delightfully nerdy, and as a non-fan, I'd still wear these. 

So dainty and small, but they're going to get a good response at any nerdy gathering, so I'll have to make sure I don't lose these.

Lastly, I got this very nice bangle. It's adjustable, and it's very light, delicate and pretty. Silver jewelry is definitely the best, I tend to stick with that unless it's a Mockingjay pin or a time turner.

It reads 'May The Force Be With You', in case you couldn't read it and knew nothing about Star Wars. 

So there you have it! A box full of stuff based on a hugely popular franchise, and just in time for the movie's release! I did get mine a bit later, as I live in the UK, but it's always worth the wait. I can't gush enough about how much I love Fandom of the Month, so I really do recommend everyone try a month. It's so good, and so worth it! (And it's cheaper than a lot of the other boxes...)

I don't want to spoil anything, but Fandom of the Month mentioned that January will be magical... I'll leave you with that. That hint alone was enough for me to renew my subscription. If it's what I think it is, I'll be incredibly excited!

Here are all the links you need:

Instagram (hint - follow them to win a lifetime subscription to them! Good luck!)

Another month, another fangirling 5 minutes over fandom jewellery. It just has to be done! I'm certainly looking forward to another year of amazing nerdy goodies, and showing off my love for reading. I am quite a lover of bookish merchandise, so I doubt I'll be stopping any time soon. We hope this post made you smile over the idea of wearing baby lightsabers hanging off your ears, or a big, hairy dude stuck to my fridge. And see you soon for January's box! 

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