It's finally here! Colleen Hoover has shared a teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Ugly Love! Although it's really evil that nobody will announce who is cast as Tate - the main character - we're perfectly fine with just watching Nick Bateman, who plays Miles Archer, strut his stuff on screen. Because... well, it's Nick Bateman! 

The core of our excitement regarding the movie is that it has veered far from big-budget Hollywood studio productions, and instead opted for a smaller, independent studio. To all accounts, the adaptation of Colleen Hoover's book is actually made by consulting Colleen Hoover in matters which count, so we have a firm belief that this movie will be fantastic! Let's pray for a faithful adaptation (and some more casting news)!

As fans of both Colleen Hoover and Ugly Love, we are heavily biased in this matter. Keeping that in mind, we feel this first teaser captures the tone of the book perfectly. There's a great difference between a book-to-movie adaptation which values the author's input, and a book-to-movie adaptation which doesn't. The difference is this teaser.

Alongside the teaser, the crew behind the Ugly Love adaptation have launched a campaign where you can donate to help bring this movie about. In return, they offer anything from postcards and T-shirts, to Nick Bateman's genes. (Genes, not jeans.) Don't believe us? Visit the campaign project now and donate as much as you can - or laugh heartily at the offers on the right-hand side and wish you weren't broke if you aren't in the position to donate. Then pass the link to this post or the IndieGoGo page to others. Nick Bateman in a uniform. 'S all we're sayin'.

[We aren't here right now. We're hitting the replay button shamelessly until it scampers off and hides.] But if you're as enthusiastic as we are about the upcoming adaptation of Ugly Love, please leave us a comment below, or find us on social media. We, in turn, promise to keep you abreast of all news Ugly Love.