In case you hadn't seen it on the GoodReads homepage - the awards are in full swing! It's time to check the lists and see which of your favourites have been nominated. Yeah, there's always those categories that include books you've never heard of but you can also put your own answer in. If not, then maybe pick the book that either sounds the best or has the best cover. It's your call. 

But get to that category that is filled with a ton of your best loved books, and it's like having to pick between children! You can't do it! But you must. It's a sacrifice you're going to have to take. Well, you could always ask your friend to vote for one and you vote for the other, but that might be classed as cheating. Oh well, go with what your heart tells you!

It's the opening round so we'll let you know when the next round goes ahead.

We want to wish all the authors the best of luck with the awards - you're all winners! Even being nominated is an honour so congratulations!


Who are you voting for this year? Are your favourite books nominated? Let us know via the comments or on Twitter! We'd love to hear from you.