POVs. I love reading one of my favourite books in the perspective of another character that I love. How can you not? You want to know what's happening in their head and you also want basically anything from the author. They need their story told and you're on Twitter, waiting for the author to announce a new book but it never comes. So you do what any normal fan would do - tweet at them. Although when I do it, I don't get an answer. One day it will happen, they will write the POV I've always wanted!
So, here's a few POV's and extra books we'd love to read about.

And don't forget to let us know which characters you'd love to read from!

1. ANYONE (Harry Potter)

I would read the Harry Potter series from any character J.K Rowling wants to write it from. Any of his friends, students, teachers, villains, family members, creatures - bring it on! I know it won't happen but still, we can all still hope. 

2. Griffin Hancock (Thoughtless)

Well, I guess this one could be taken out because the author, S.C Stephens is actually writing this, but I'm most excited to read Griffin's side! He's one of the funniest character's I've read in a book, his innuendo and shameless attitude. I cannot wait to see what the author shows us, maybe a softer side to him and how he felt during the bands success and his feelings for Anna. Squee!

The book is out September 2015

3. Meredith (Anna and the French Kiss)

There's so much more to Meredith. I recently re-read Anna and the French Kiss before reading Isla and I thought 'wait, what happened with Meredith in Rome?'

She ended up going to school in Italy and can you imagine how amazing that book would be? Mer could meet a young italian man who can sweep her off her feet, and although she's still pining for St Clair, this could be what she needs. She can be 100% supportive of Anna and Etienne without any hard feelings.
I tweeted Stephanie Perkins so we just have to wait. I'm thinking 'Mer and the Roman Prince' or something along those lines...hey, I don't do book titles!

4. Christian/Tucker/Angela/Maggie (Unearthly)

Seriously, any of these four characters would be amazing to read from! Christian Prescott for his secrets and the prophecy he has with Clara, as well as his feelings. Angela for her angel knowledge and family, as well as her friendship with the other characters. Tucker and his relationship with Clara and the thoughts he has when he can't work out what's wrong with her. Lastly, Maggie, Clara's mother. Her perspective would be the most interesting, her knowledge, childhood and all the things we don't know about. We have so much to learn from Maggie and I want to read it all! This book is fantastic and the more we get from it, the happier I am!

5. Victor (Killing Sarai)

I can't even imagine how fantastic Killing Sarai would be from Victor's POV. He's badass, stern and keeps himself to himself. When feelings and worries are concerned, he keeps them to himself so being able to get into that head of his...yes please. He's also an assassin so that's always fun!

6. Wesley Rush (The DUFF)

I, for one, would love to read the DUFF from Westley's POV. He's completely out of his element when he's with Bianca and I'd love to see the transition from him being the school jock and complete douchebag to falling in love with her. 

7. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

How amaizng would i tbe to read the series through Peeta's eyes? Especially book one when Katniss is so unsure of his motives and what he's doing. His feelings through being chosen at the reaping to how he feels during his time with the Careers. I can say, it would be heartbreaking! It would also be very interesting to read his POV in Mockingjay too, what he's thinking when he see's Katniss after being hijacked. Sob!

8. Raffe (Angelfall)

Reading the POV of a fantastic angel like Raffe? I would certainly read that! I'd love to know what he's thinking and feeling in Angelfall and although it's unlikely we'll get one from Susan Ee, it's something we can only dream about. 

9. Prince Maxon (The Selection)

I know there's already a book for him but I want to read his POV through the whole series. What was going through that head of his during the Selection and what did he really think of all the other girls, as well as America.

10. Chaol Westfall/ Prince Dorian (Throne of Glass)

Although we do get a bit of their POVs in the book series, I'd love to read more from book one. Chaol and Christian's first impressions of Celaena and possibly even their story before Chaol became Captain of the Guards and Dorian as a young boy. 

Would you read any of these? Any suggestions of your own? Let us know via the comments or on Twitter!