If you're fans like us, you are likely aware that the new Mockingay Part 2 trailer debuted online today. As expected, it is everything we wanted it to be, and some things we hoped it wouldn't be quite yet (emotional; very, very emotional).

The finale of the series is nearly upon us, and it appears to be the action-packed ending we wanted and have been anticipating for so long. As the series draws to a close, the last posters and trailers are released, and the actors we've loved for so long are moving on to other projects (and winning Oscars, no big deal). And it is at times like these that we can't help but to look back to where it all began, marvel at how recent the very first movie feels, and start prepping for a major series re-read before the final movie lands in theaters worldwide. It only feels like yesterday when we first found out who was cast as Katniss, when we saw the first picture of Peeta and Gale, and when we got to see that teaser trailer that pissed everyone off so much. (You know, the one with shots of just trees and sounds of Katniss' feet crunching in the leaves. Definitely lived up to the name 'teaser' trailer.)

So, the time has come. The series is ending. The re-reads are imminent. And the full-length trailer is here.

If you have not seen the trailer yet and you're a fan of the books, we recommend breathing slowly and readying yourself before delving in. You know how the book goes down, after all. You know what's coming.

Hint: parachutes. Mutts.

*three finger salute*

If you've not read the Hunger Games series, we highly recommend it! It's never too late to get into them.

We hope you enjoy the trailer (or the emotions it is bound to stir). Don't forget to let us know what you thought! We're always open to Hunger Games talk!

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