"She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one." - Heir of Fire

Fan art is a study in contrasts. The series that inspire us enough to create are the series we hopelessly adore. And the series we hopelessly adore are the series we feel no one person and no one visual medium can ever do justice. So we struggle to equal what we believe cannot be equaled. We set ourselves up for the fall each and every time we choose a favorite series for a future piece. But we do it anyway - hopelessly, masochistically, with abandon, time and time again. Because fan art is a study in contrasts.

But if ever there was a character who would understand the picking-ourselves-up-after-a-failure-and-trying-anew cycle, it's Celaena Sardothien. And if ever there was an author who could depict it beautifully in writing, it's Sarah J. Maas. So in the end you put the nagging doubt aside, you pretend you haven't seen a thousand stunning pieces of art on Sarah's Pinterest board, you ban yourself from looking up still more on Tumblr/deviantArt, you take Celaena's own advice and team up with chocolate, and you get it done.

I got it done, you guys! It isn't quite perfect, but in the end I convinced myself that it was never supposed to be. It was my spin on Celeana's "we all bear scars" philosophy, and I'm sticking to it in pure self defense.

We have already extolled the virtues of both Sarah J. Maas and the Throne of Glass series one too many times on this blog. But in the spirit of once-more-with-feeling, I cannot praise either enough, or recommend them highly enough to all who haven't gotten around to it yet. Throne of Glass is more than "young adult", more than "fantasy", more than "book series" or "bestseller" or "Team Whoever, fight me!", although you will find a fair share of all of the above online. But while it's more than a sum of its parts, there is excellent reason for each of those parts. There is excellent reason why this series has exploded across the bookish community in recent years. There's a reason it takes the NYT bestseller list by storm with each new release. There's a reason for even the silliest of the fandom wars. 

And I won't tell you what it is. But you might just find you have your answer very, very early into the first book. And it only gets better from there, impossible though that may be to believe.

These characters have taken over my life (alongside those from ACOTAR). They've certainly taken over my Photoshop tabs. And I regret nothing.

- Lexie

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You know Celaena would.