Hello, my fellow book loving friends! It's that time of the month - the good kind - where I get to open my monthly goodness from Fandom of the Month.


Before I received this one, I already knew what the theme was, and I was a very, very, very happy girl! Want to know more? Well, you'll have to click on the 'read more' and find out because this one is a humdinger. 

I'll give you one teaser - it's a magical box.

*apparates into the post*

Well, if that teaser didn't give you any clue as to what the theme is for January, then let me put you out of your misery. Fandom of the Month have already done a Harry Potter box, and I knew this so I was always sad that I'd never get one. We did, however, get a different type of Harry Potter box as January's theme is Death Eaters

Anything related to Jo's amazing world that she created is fine with me, so I was definitely fangirling when I got my box. I also thought it was a fitting theme considering the bad news we had last month, as we sadly lost Alan Rickman. As he is the actor who plays Severus Snape, I thought it was a good option for January.

R.I.P Alan Rickman

So let's get onto the contents of this month's box. 

Although I already knew what the theme was, I do love getting the cards with 'Fandom Of The Month' on it. I will admit, I tend to sometimes use them as bookmarks when I can't be bothered to go get one from my big cup of bookmarks. Oh, so lazy.
The pictures are always so pretty and I love to pin them onto my cork board. 
Obviously, this one is the Dark Mark, just in case you're not a fan and you've lived under a rock all these years.

Unwrapping the pretty purple tissue, I got my usual drawstring bag with the Death Eater mask on it. This quote is a good one, so I will 100% use this again, no doubt.

It says; "We've all got both light and dark inside us"- YES.
I think I'll be keeping the stuff I got from this in the bag, as I have a tendency to lose things. Especially jewellery. 

Look at these kick arse earrings! These Dark Mark earrings are so pretty, they're very detailed, intricate and delicate. 
I don't usually wear dangly earrings - mostly because I'm a klutz and I'll end up ripping my ears - I might have to swap my usual style for these bad boys. I am, however, currently wearing my dragon earrings from a previous FOTM box, and I've not taken them out. I love them.

*puts on charm bracelet*
*never takes it off*
*dies in it*
*wears it in the afterlife*

I'm obsessed with this charm bracelet. It's so damn pretty and girly, which is funny considering the darkness behind it's symbols. This is of all the horcruxes in the books, and it's just perfect! Another detail that I'm not sure you can see from the picture - the book even says TMR on it. 

Another thing I got was this amazing compact mirror, which I shall find very useful. I'm constantly messing up my eyeliner - it's a bitch to keep up, especially for Miss Runny Eyes over here - so thank you FOTM! I can also proudly show off my love for Harry Potter and look like a B.A Death Eater bitch when re-applying my make-up for the 50th time.

Lastly, you always get a magnet and I got Bellatrix to add to my collection! I have to say, my fridge is looking very nerdy right now, and I'm not ashamed. I think a fridge photo is due soon, but I think I'll continue to let my collection grow.

Ta-da! All of it in all it's glory. Just look how pretty!

So, there you have it. January's Death Eater themed box. What do you think? If this isn't enough to convince you to join Fandom of the Month, I don't know what else will. If not, just enjoy them on our blog, as I'll be no doubt posting about them every month. Yay!
If you are curious about the boxes, make your way to their page and have a little look.
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