Let's face it: being a devoted reader is mostly a joy (when it isn't soul-crushing sadness and blinding rage, that is). If it weren't, we wouldn't be doing it - or we might, in a completely masochistic sort of way, but even then we wouldn't shriek about it as loudly as we do.

We fall in love with series, characters, authors, quotes, worlds. We live, as a wiser and more sadistic person than us has said, a thousand lives. And in those thousand lives, there are moments and situations which make all the aforementioned despair and character-homicidal-tendencies worth it.

These are those moments. (And this is the time of year chockful of anticipated releases, when all listed moments + tears + roars will take place.) This topic, for instance, was covered by most bloggers last week. We, meanwhile, were assaulted by bookish feels of the Stiefvater persuasion and spent the week experiencing all of the ten instances listed below - and then some.

1. Layers, nuance, subtext

Picked by: Lexie

The thing about books is - eventually they must come to an end. (Unless you drag one out forever. In which case, kudos to your willpower - or, alternatively, a sad shake of the head at the utter lack of substance for the book in question.) With most straightforward, entertainment-only books, a re-read can only offer so much. But then there are books with layers and subtext and a whole new story between the lines - and those are a little bit eternal. Ten re-reads later, and still you haven't gleaned all the book has to offer. These books are basically heaven contained within the covers. (Magic! Sorcery, I say!)

2. Finding a new book boyfriend

Picked by: Natalie

Oh no... oh god... I feel it... I-I think I'm in love again for the 60th time. LET ME LOVE YOU! Well, let's just add him to the list of book boyfriends, as I'm not ashamed of being a book slut. These fictional men, how are they so perfect? I know why. They're not real and they're usually not human. That's how we like our men!

3. Chancing upon a story idea

Picked by: Lexie

In general, being hit is unpleasant. Whoever went through years of P.E. probably knows what I mean, even if they're a complete and utter pacifist. (Those volleyballs hurt.) But the one instance where being hit is a little bit similar to falling in love is when the object is an idea for a story you could write and join the ranks of your favorite authors in creating worlds and characters and intricate dynamics. One minute you're showering/running/reading/blasting music, and the next... *a heavenly choir crescendos in the background*

4. Your friend reading your favourite books - and loving them

Picked by: Natalie

It's always a risky thing, recommending books to your friends (especially when they're not a big reader). But in those moments when they actually enjoy - sometimes even obsess over- the book in question, it's as if you just won a marathon. Such accomplishment and happiness!

5. Accurately summing up what a book means to you

Picked by: Lexie

It is a truth universally acknowledged that summing up what our favorite books mean to us is incredibly hard. We're book reviewers ourselves, and still it feels like it's easier to propose to someone than accurately describe the exact reasons behind our reverence of a book/series. On rare occasions, however, stars align perfectly and we manage to phrase our feelings in such a way that it does a book justice, and - especially if it's in review form - it's perfection.

6. Seeing someone in public reading your favourite book/series

Picked by: Natalie

*creeps over their shoulder* are they at that part yet? Have they met __ yet? Will they answer if I ask? I need to re-read this asap. LET ME JUST SIT ON THEIR LAP! #newbff

7. Marrying a perfect book with a perfect atmosphere

Picked by: Lexie

For some, a mood reader means reading whatever you're in the mood for. For others, myself included, it means being on a perpetual hunt for the right atmosphere whilst reading. A close-quarters horror story doesn't always work on summer festival campgrounds. An uplifting middle-grade adventure may not work on a particularly gloomy and contemplative day. And then there are those days - the ones which find you in a perfect spot with just enough time and the right atmosphere to read that perfect book. And it's - you guessed it - perfect.

8. Discovering a new favourite series

Picked by: Natalie

It's a good and a bad thing. Not only is it amazing to find a new series to become obsessed with, but it's also a new series to become obsessed with. Yeah, it'll ruin me. I'll have a book hangover and endure more tears and feels, buy more merch, fangirl and order the whole series. Can I go through this all over again? I must. It's too satisfying. 

9. Strongly identifying with a character

Picked by: Lexie

Characters aren't often relatable, but usually authors endeavor to make them so. At least to some extent. Even when likability goes right out the window, a relatability factor still remains. But sometimes, a character's thoughts and actions aren't merely understandable - they're our twin, our soulmate, our alter ego, our long-lost sibling, our patronus, our mirror image, they're us and they must be protected at all costs and/or subdued because our soul (and theirs, by extension) is so dark and twisted and wonderfully delicious. (... Is that latter part just me? Okay, then.)

10. Walking into a bookshop/library

Picked by: Natalie

Even just walking in there, smelling the books, touching the books, being among the books... heaven. That's my ideal place to be! 

What brings out the inner bookdragon in you? What have your favorite bookish situations been? And can you relate to any of ours? (You know you can. Don't even attempt to deny it.) Leave us a comment below and let us know!