Ah, the TBR pile. The never ending abyss of books that you can't stop chucking books into despite the perils that come with diving in to retrieve them. It's both our eternal fear (chances are any day it topples and crushes us to death, as bookworms worldwide have agreed), and our greatest challenge.

Apart from its murderous tendencies, if there's one feature of the TBR pile that has been deemed universal, it's the notion that THESE ONES I'LL DEFINITELY READ. The ones added long ago are traded in for newer ones, sure. But these newer ones - oh, they're top of the list. Right after we add... these still-newer ones.

It's a vicious cycle, basically.

So this week we're linking up with The Broke And The Bookish's Top 10 feature and sharing the 10 books we've added recently that we are convinced will get read - despite hundreds upon hundreds already there that claim otherwise. Unrealistic optimism is just our thing.

Added by: Natalie

I know, where have I been for the last few years? I'm ridiculously behind on the books that are popular in the YA community, but I'm catching up. At the moment, I work in a cinema, and seeing all the anticipation and excitement for the movie version of Miss Peregrine's, I geared myself up to finally read it. And after seeing the film, it's given me more reason to buy the book and give it a go. As the film goes, it was entertaining if not weird, but I do wish it had more of the creep-factor. The book looks like it does, so fingers crossed I enjoy this as much as I did the film.

2. Hyperion by Dan Simmons

Added by: Lexie

It's sci-fi, my friend is obsessed, and that's quite enough for me. (Really, though - give me intricate political power play amid various fictional worlds and I'm sold. #easy) And that's not to mention my soft spot for 1980s-1990s fantasy and science fiction, especially when it comes in tetralogies. I did spam Raymond E. Heist's Riftwar Saga with impunity as a kid, after all. Also, Hyperion is said to have some very interesting AIs, and if you've been on the receiving end of my Illuminae/Gemina obsessing in the past year... you will know how powerful of a statement "very interesting AIs" is to me. (Team AIDAN foreeeeever.)

Added by: Natalie

Yet another series that I've never picked up. This is one that I see mostly on Booktube. And after hearing about it for so long, I've finally decided to add it to my TBR pile. I would prefer to wait until the whole series is out, though, cosidering how much I hate waiting for the last book. Also due to my terrible memory, I forget what happened and then frequently never get to the final book at all. So I'll wait a bit.
The story sounds interesting, I've heard mostly good things about it. Also, what is this cover. What does it even mean. I need to know these things.

4. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Added by: Lexie

Recently added to TBR by: me and everyone else in the universe. Because I prize originality above all else and strive for it at all costs. Uhm. *goes back to reading the most anticipated yearly releases*  Don't mind me.
Not only does Caraval have an exceptionally unique premise, it's also being compared to (1) The Night Circus, (2) Pirates of the Caribbean (with a more cohesive plot and less sequels, god willing), and (3) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. And judging by the (overwhelmingly positive) early buzz, it's twisted and morbid and romantic and heart-attack-inducing.
Go ahead. Run off and add it to your TBR, too. I'll wait.

5. Lucky In Love by Kasie West

Added by: Natalie

Hahahhahaha. Kasie West. Funny. Yes, I saw that Kasie had another book (or three) coming out next year and I love the idea of this one. It'll have the typical boy-meets-girl cutesy romance and unrealistic dramatics but it's always fun. I can devour these books in a night and I turn off my kindle with a smile on my face. This one isn't out until July but I'm still looking forward to it!

6. Bad Blood by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Added by: Lexie

As has become tradition here at The Honest Bookclub, I'm cheating in a Top 10 segment. #rebelwithacause The final installment in Jennifer Lynn Barnes's The Naturals series isn't a new TBR addition. It's been hibernating there for over a year, waiting to be awoken and unleashed upon the world. (No worries or anything.) But having just come out, it's been moved waaaay up and it's the first book on my agenda, after NaNoWriMo ceases to postpone our impending love.
The Naturals is one of my favorite YA Contemporary series, and Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a wonderful, marvelous, morbid crumb of awesomeness and muuuurder.

7. Fly on the Wall by E. Lockhart

Added by: Natalie

Although I didn't get on with We Were Liars at all, I do like to give authors another chance. So I have added Fly On The Wall and one other E. Lockhart book to my TBR. Of the two, Fly On The Wall is the most recent one, though, and here we are. It sounds fun and I'm curious to see if she'll win me over with this one.

8. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Added by: Lexie

It's impactful, diverse and relevant, my friend is obsessed, and here we are. (Sensing a pattern yet?)
Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a recent string of police shootings of unarmed black men and boys in the United States, this book tells the story of a best friend to one such boy and her struggle with the truth, loyalty, equality, and integrity.
Excuse me while I run off and beg for an ARC.
I guess it speaks volumes that the novel isn't out yet, and already it's 'soon to be a major motion picture'.

9. The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

Added by: Natalie

This is one I also heard about on booktube, and it sounded interesting enough to join my TBR. The topic is not really something I'd usually read, but I thought it would be good to try something new. Genre-wise, The Female of the Species is listed as a YA mystery, and mystery is never something I ever read so I do hope this one might push me more into that area of literature. Well, at least give me a little poke. We'll see!

10. The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz

Added by: Lexie

Art, artist blocks, introspection, LGBTQ representation, immigration/diversity representation, magic realism, and art that actually comes to life.
I'm not dying for an ARC, you are!
I might have missed this book completely had it not been for Emily's recent 2017 YA Contemporary list. (You have both blessed me with an anticipated release and cursed me with the wait for said release, Emily. *withers away*) Having now found it, and being as thoroughly obsessive and enamored with art and with diversity as I am, I now need this in my life more than I need Nutella.
You know it's serious when Nutella is on the line.

Such is the nature of TBRs - ever-adding new books and ever-prioritizing said books over ones added a longer time ago. (Much to our frequent foolishness.) These, however, were too good to pass up, and we're dying to get to them just a little bit. 

And now it's your turn - what have you been adding to your TBR recently, and what books have you been dying to get to as of late? We always love slapping another book onto that toppling pile of unread books, Jenga-style.