For the perfect love, what would you be willing to lose?
It’s been a shattering year for seventeen-year-old Zoe, who’s still reeling from her father’s shockingly sudden death in a caving accident and her neighbors’ mysterious disappearance from their own home. Then on a terrifying sub-zero, blizzardy night in Montana, she and her brother are brutally attacked in a cabin in the woods—only to be rescued by a mysterious bounty hunter they call X.
X is no ordinary bounty hunter. He is from a hell called the Lowlands, sent to claim the soul of Zoe’s evil attacker and others like him. X is forbidden from revealing himself to anyone other than his prey, but he casts aside the Lowlands’ rules for Zoe. As they learn more about their colliding worlds, they begin to question the past, their fate, and their future.

WARNING: review contains spoilers, swearing and general annoyance. 

Well, I can confidently say that I’m very disappointed in this book. I’ve been wanting to read it for ages and I just feel like I’ve been lied to and cheated.
A story of a Bounty Hunter, that sounds exciting! Well, it’s not.
X is this 19 year old guy who saves the life of the protagonist Zoe (who I will come back to in a bit..), and tries to take the killer to their version of Hell called the Lowlands. But before he does that ….let’s do something weird. Let’s have X PROJECT STAN’S CRIMES ONTO HIS BACK LIKE A TV SCREEN (????) because that makes perfect sense. Seriously, what was that all about. And not just that, but the protagonist Zoe INSTAGRAMS IT because she is a hip and cool teenager. (Just, no)
I don’t want to read about these stupid girls who Instagram when a MURDERER is trying to get her and she is saved by an immortal bounty hunter, what the hell is wrong with her. Why doesn’t she call the police?? If she can’t do that, don’t just fucking Instagram what is happening, DO SOMETHING. She is literally the most annoying girl ever, and she is also stupid. Zoe sends her brother out with the dogs into a BLIZZARD because they’re annoying her and she is upset that they get lost. I’m sure her brother is like 10 so he’s only a child for fuck sake. Oh, and they nearly die. Like, seriously bitch, do you want to see your brother frozen to death so you can be alone?
So, she panics and tries to find them, nearly dying herself and I just thought ‘well, that’s your own fault’ and to be honest, at this point, the dogs are my favourite characters. I care about literally nobody. (Also sidenote: there’s animal cruelty in this book)
Stan tries to kill her (can’t say I blame him) but before he does that, he also tries to drown the dogs so I instantly hate him. I’m not sure why but I’m not that bothered about that, it’s not worth reading on to find out.. Anyway, X saves her and lets Stan go (???? dude, it’s your MISSION to get him, why even), he is like ‘fuck I shouldn’t have done that’ WELL NO SHIT, fucking moron. Then let’s get into the boring part of the book where it’s the dreaded ‘I’ word….
For fucks sake...
After 2 days of him being unconscious, he has to leave and she kisses him and they’re pretty much in love with each other. By this point, I’m 100% done with this book. I’m at 41% of the book and I just can’t go on because it’s just… boring. Nothing happens. And if anything does, it’s just weird, out of place and doesn’t make any bloody sense. I mean, Zoe wakes up one morning and her mum is home and she’s having a PARTY? What is even going on.
I would rather not read the rest as I have no interest in what happens, the fate of the characters, reading Zoe’s annoying personality or X’s really strange 1800’s way of talking.
Also disappointed because I got this for my birthday and it was an anticipated read for me.

It wasn’t for me, I’m sorry. I have to be honest, and I certainly was. I hate DNF’ing books but life is too short t be reading books that I’m not into, so this has joined the pile. Don’t let this put you off, this is just a personal opinion.