As has been a long-standing end-of-the-year tradition in the blogosphere, at the end of the year we share our favorites. Around these parts, the favorites are usually confined to books, quotes, characters and such things as we can easily devour - and encourage others to devour in turn. (Books are delicious, my friends.)

But that's really only a part of it. Because books and characters are made all the more delicious by the people we choose to smother with them - and have them smother us back in turn. 

Call it a uniquely bookish kink.

Blogging is not blogging if done alone. In a vacuum, blogging is nothing more than diary-keeping. We tried it. It's a low-risk, low-reward situation, and exactly as mundane as it sounds. But in a community, aaaaah. In a community, blogging is made into a fine art of mutual bookish smotherdom, and this year we're choosing to honor it. So we're sharing the blogs and the bloggers who make it all worthwhile for us - and who have contributed to making 2016 at least a bit brighter than the gloom it's determined to be remembered by.

In no particular order - enjoy!

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader stuck in 2016 must be in want of a book.

True story.

The world at large doesn't agree on much, but when it comes to the past year, a great many of us can agree that it came a little bit short of ideal. But we are bookworms, bookdragons and book fiends alike - so our escapist comfort zone has been well established. (Cue montage of readers deflecting World Suck with books instead of shields.)

As a byproduct of said World Suck, we were personally forced to hiatus until we could find books great enough to properly shield us from it all. And now that we have, we're back and sharing the 10 that served as the most effective shields - ones which gobbled us up and away from the real life altogether.

As has been a well-established tradition, these are in no particular order. There's no comparing greatness with greatness.

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Hello fellow book friends!

We're sorry that we've been MIA for the last month or so, but this really annoying thing called life got in the way. Not sure how aware you are but we're both students at university so that has sucked our life up and we're slowly getting our reading life back. Also work, family and other things have come up but we're still alive - barely! Just a bit disheveled. 

As time goes on, we'll be updating as much as we can and hope you can forgive us for being so tardy with updating the blog. We'll get there! Barely had time to read lately but that's changing. Some book reviews are to be expected in the next few days. (I also blame my constant reading slump for my lack of activity and reading....dammit, RS! Monsieur Reading Slump has had his claws in me for a while now but I've shaken him off. Git.)

Definitely missed blogging and book chatting with you guys and I see more fangirling in our future. Hoping you're well, that you've been reading some amazing stories and receive a ton of books this holiday season! Recommendations are always welcome too, so feel free to drop a message below!

Happy Holidays!

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