Welcome back to school, y'all! Statistically speaking, chances are overwhelming that you don't really want to be there, or anywhere near it. If you are the Hermione sort of outlier and this does not apply to you - then you're lucky and kudos to your friends and teachers/professors.

If, however, you're more of a Ron and could do without homework, competition and the overwhelming pressures of schooldom - there's good news. If you grab the right sort of book - you don't have to put up with any of it. (Though it should be said that we, of course, don't condone reading in class. Uhm. Officially. We absolutely never, ever, 100%, cross-our-hearts did anything of the sort. Whoever told you otherwise is lying.)

In fact, to underscore the whole adage of fictional life beating real life 9 out of 10 times, school in fiction (especially of the YA variety) tends to be a lot more interesting than the schools we are used to. 

So this week we're linking up with The Broke & The Bookish's Top 10 Tuesday prompts and sharing our favorite back-to-school reads... which happen to take place in schools far superior to most real ones.

Don't call it masochism - call it escapism.

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