Yes. Yes, we alliterated in the title. Glad you asked.

It's only the first of the many joyous and charming quirks unique to us bloggerly readers. It is not, per se, a qualitatively different category from just 'reader' - but it is its most Hermionish extreme. (If such a thing as blogging worked at Hogwarts, you know Hermione would have been doing it throughout the series, don't even lie.) 

There's barely-reading. Blasphemy.
There's reading. A complimentary and admirable activity to be praised and encouraged through copious book-shoving at the reader in question.
And then there's book blogging - of which the most bonkers behaviors we are exploring in this week's Top 10 Tuesday feature.

And if you find yourself identifying without being a book blogger - welcome. Yer a wizard, 'Arry. Grab your wand and a new blog and pray begin!

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Presumably, in some parallel universe (#hellyeahspacepuns), it is entirely possible to love The Illuminae Files for the plot alone, completely setting aside its utter, groundbreaking artistic brilliance.

Alas, this is not said universe. This is where art and literary magnificence marry and comingle and enjoy equal amounts of reverence and respect. We're scandalous like that.

And The Illuminae Files, as the most tangible union of fantastic art, unique storytelling, and crazy amazing writing... well, I've made my feelings for it known a time or two. (Provided that you are okay with interpreting 'a time' as 'a thousand times' and 'two' as 'actually, twice that much'.) For anyone who has made my bi-weekly mentions of Illuminae in every bookish context imaginable into a drinking game...

... please don't do that. I care about your well-being, but I also have a problem. Namely, murderous, poetic, sassy AIs and their affection for humans, by starlight.

And so - behold. Kady, by starlight, and AIDAN, in his most questionably merciful glory.

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Only three and a half weeks into 2017, and here we are, re-litigating 2016. Because good things come to those who wait to do everything until the last possible second again even though Hermione told us to do it today or tomorrow we'll pay, but did we listen - noooo.

Ahem. As with ever-mounting TBRs and ever-triple-stacking bookshelves, an author-appreciation list is an ever-fluctuating and ever-expanding thing. Except it fluctuates a little. And it expands a lot. In keeping with the tradition of all previous years, ours grew only slightly out of control in the past year. We only have a million new people whose future releases we're now seeking to trade our souls for, and whose past releases we're now making our way through and claiming we'd been on that bandwagon all along, obviously.

These are only the ten most prominent of said people. May they ever add to our precariously balanced TBR Piles of Doom with their infinite talent and wisdom. We can take it. Or be crushed trying.

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Fun fact: the size of a reader's anticipated releases list is directly proportional to their time spent reading. The more books you chomp away at, the bigger it gets.

I don't make the rules. It's just how it is.

As part of The Great And Terrible TBR, the list of anticipated books coming out in the year ahead grows when you stare at it and grows when you don't. You're sure one of the two is worse, but you aren't sure which. Last year you had 5 books you were eagerly waiting for. This year it's 25. And as for the next...

... let's think about that tomorrow, shall we? As for now, we're sharing our list of our most *GRABBY HANDS* reads due to come out this year, and sneaking in the terrible things we'd do for the ARC ahead of time.

(Just in case some publishers in dire need of a mafiosi duo are listening.)

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Let it never be said we only spread joy. After all, there's no sense of accomplishment in saving Christmas unless the Grinch jeopardizes it first. In-between all the happy-go-lucky end-of-the-year features we've been posting as we recap our reading year and pave the way for the next one, eventually the time comes for our least and worst and the most disappointing.

We won't lie - these are among the easiest books to pick. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a blogger in possession of a large 'Read' pile must be in want of a rant.

Consider this the end-of-the-year recap of our most prominent rants. And please don't stone us.

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