Ellie O'Neill and Graham Larkin fell hard for each other when a misspelled email address unexpectedly brought them together. Now, over a year has passed since they said goodbye with the promise to stay in touch, and their daily emails have dwindled to nothing. Ellie is a freshman in college and has told herself to move on, and Graham has kept himself busy starring in more movies, as well as a few tabloid columns. But fate brought these two together once before—and it isn't done with them yet.

In this sequel novella to This Is What Happy Looks Like, Jennifer E. Smith revisits two beloved characters to tell the story of one magical night in Manhattan. When Ellie and Graham come face to face once more, can they get past the months of silence and the hurt feelings to find their happily-ever-after again?

spoilers but hidden

Although this is only a sequel novella, I had to review it. I only realised the other day that this existed and I was so damn excited that Jennifer had write more about Ellie and Graham. I didn't know what to expect - but it was everything I wanted it to be!

What Jennifer E. Smith is good at is character interaction. She really does show you why her characters are into eachother and why they get along so well. Ellie and Graham always have such great conversation and banter which really strengthens their relationship - and that goes for all Jennifer's books! I've read many stories when it's all just physical and they can't seem to have a normal conversation, and you're sitting there wondering what they really see in one another, besides the physical side. As a person who is very into character-driven books, I was very satisfied with this. Ellie and Graham are such humble and relatable characters, each with their own dreams, passions and interesting lives, which make them fun to read about. They're well matched together and you pretty much spend this whole novella like this

Very adorable, such great characters and easy to read writing style which flowed wonderfully, and a story that is memorable. It was easy to pick the book back up for the sequel and remember what happened. I'm one of those people who always get books mixed up and I'm always like 'wait, was it this book that this happened in? Who is this again? I forgot' but This Is What Happy Looks Like is one that stayed with me.

The novella picked up a year later and although something I wasn't too pleased about happened at the end (highlight for spoiler) they still went their separate ways....grrrr! Tormenting us again, Jennifer!, I was very pleased with what we got. She didn't have to give us extra Graham and Ellie but she did, and I was very satisfied. 

I hate to do this but *poke* more? And maybe....(highlight for spoiler)keep them together this time? You can't break our hearts 3 times in a row, that's not fair!

Wonderful. This Is What Happy Looks Like and it's novella are really sweet reads which you'll plow through so fast and fall in love with it's characters, aswell as the cute seaside town Ellie lives in. 


I know that if you're a fan of books like Anna and the French Kiss or anything remotely fluffy, you'll like Jennifer E. Smith's books. I recommend you give them a try, they're really cute! Let us know your thoughts on either this book or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us. All the places to contact us are below: