"Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don't feel anything at all."

In these bookish/fantasy corners of the internet, A Court of Thorns and Roses needs no introduction. Especially not from us. Sarah J. Maas's series sent us shrieking and scrambling for Tumblr and analyses and re-reads last year. In my case, deviantArt joined the fray. Especially as - for the first time in forever - this consummate canon-girl went what seems to be the non-canon way. (If this sentence makes no sense to you, (a) you're living the right sort of life, and (b) Tumblr will help clear it up, but enter at your own peril - it's a fan's Narnia and you might never leave.)

And for me, the magic and the high-stakes boiled down to this: Feyre and Rhysand. Individually, and together. Whatever you may think of either, you can't deny they make an ingloriously glorious team - of co-conspirators if nothing else. (Though hopefully a lot else, because - as previously established on this blog - my anti-hero love knows no shame and offers no apologies.)

Wonderfully fussy creature that I am, this piece was started in October. Then abandoned. Then re-started. Then abandoned again. Then all hope was lost. Then there was chocolate. And given the magical powers of chocolate (see: Remus Lupin, for further reading), suddenly it seemed like it could be salvaged. Hope, apparently, is as powerful a tool as skill is in artistic exploits (see: Laini Taylor, for further reading).

In a glorious display of serendipity, my biggest hurdle to overcome (and one I don't feel I quite overcame) was - in Feyre's very own words - that "I would never dare to paint that dark, immortal grace - not in a hundred years." I dared, of course. To very mixed results. But if anyone could understand never quite succeeding in capturing Rhysand's essence on a (digital or traditional) canvas, it's Feyre. So I felt like I was in very good company through all my frustrations. And that, after all, is the beauty of good characters.

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For truly stunning ACOTAR and Throne of Glass related fan art, I heartily recommend a subscription to Sarah J. Maas's newsletter (which can be done through her website). The latest contained so many pieces I just want to walk into and never come out. So, if escapism of the artistic sort speaks to you - that would be the place.

Disclaimer: No ethereal scores, Celtic soundtracks, elven lyres, ACOTAR audiobooks, ominous lyrics, or Tolkien documentaries were harmed in the making of this piece. They were merely spammed, put on repeat, and memorized by heart. (Test me on the last 100 pages of ACOTAR. I dare you. I have whole paragraphs carved into my brain foreeeeeever.)

Talk to me, lovelies. Do you merge your inner fan with your inner amateur (or better yet, professional) artist? (If so, links, please! I stalk fellow attempted-artists and amazing-artists and awesome-artists and any-alliteration-artists like it's no one's business.) If not, do you have any favorites to recommend? Fan art enthusiast, party of one over here.