Yes. Yes, we alliterated in the title. Glad you asked.

It's only the first of the many joyous and charming quirks unique to us bloggerly readers. It is not, per se, a qualitatively different category from just 'reader' - but it is its most Hermionish extreme. (If such a thing as blogging worked at Hogwarts, you know Hermione would have been doing it throughout the series, don't even lie.) 

There's barely-reading. Blasphemy.
There's reading. A complimentary and admirable activity to be praised and encouraged through copious book-shoving at the reader in question.
And then there's book blogging - of which the most bonkers behaviors we are exploring in this week's Top 10 Tuesday feature.

And if you find yourself identifying without being a book blogger - welcome. Yer a wizard, 'Arry. Grab your wand and a new blog and pray begin!

1. Bookish photos in public places

Picked by: Lexie

No. No, you have not truly known awkwardness in its purest and most undiluted form if you have not at some point toted a bagful of pretty, pretty books into a public place, then proceeded to arrange them into pretty displays and snap pictures looking for that perfect angle/lighting/shot/exposure. 

They only stare because they wish they were this dedicated.

2. What was this about again?

Picked by: Natalie

Half-written reviews are the bane of my life. I dedicate time to writing reviews for books I've just read and OH LOOK, SOMETHING SHINY. And then BAM - that's it. My attention is no longer there and I can't finish writing my review. It gets to that point when ' I'll write it later' becomes the mantra. And 6 months later you're clicking on it thinking 'What... what was this about again?'
How do we resolve this? *Ignore* What's the point if we don't remember any of the key points of this story, and why we want to mention things. I don't recall the protagonist's name so let's just pretend this didn't happen...

3. What do you mean, books aren't people?

Picked by: Lexie

"You stay here," she said. "Hang out with Carrie on the desk. I'll be back to review you later. Your protagonist is just as revenge-happy, so you'll get along great anyway."

Admittedly, it isn't easy to get a bookworm to applaud you of their own volition. The easiest way is to do say the following: 

Clap your hands if you've ever talked to characters, shouted at characters, argued with characters, talked to books, caressed books, grinned at your bookshelf, taken your books for walks, posed with your books, taken pictures of your books, hung out with your books, chose to spend a quiet Saturday in with your books, hugged your books, squealed at your books, drenched your book in ugly tears, confessed your undying love to a book, been physically unable to part from a book, built a book throne and lounged upon it, or any activity that Non-readerly humans perform with their Non-Readerly companions. 

*applause ensues*

4. I love being a negative Nancy

Picked by: Natalie

Okay, I'm not going to lie here. When it comes to reviewing books, I love writing one about a book I hated. As soon as I've turned the last page - or DNFed it because, let's face it, it's me - I'm hastily rushing to get my laptop and I'm opening blogger. I look forward to pointing out the books flaws and explaining why I didn't enjoy the book, and getting my feelings in a ranty way is fun to me. It could be because I'm British and we love having a good ol' moan, or it could be because it's easy to find things to write about.
Who knows? But it's common knowledge if you've worked in customer service that if you have a bad experience, you're going to tell more people than if it's positive. Same with a book? Yes. 

5. A pile? A shelf? A BOOKISH FORT!

Picked by: Lexie

Normal kids people have blanket forts, because blankets are the most conducive to such architectural displays. We have book forts, because no bookshelf in the universe can contain every book we intend to possess. Invention = mother of necessity.

Also, bookish forts are basically the best living arrangement in the world. There's that, too.

6. Punishing oneself for bookish reasons

Picked by: Natalie

I don't know about you, but especially when it comes to Top 10s and yearly reviews, I judge myself hard. I look at all the books I've read in a year and I'm disgusted. I see the pile of crap books I read and I think to myself 'why do you even have a blog?' because let's face it - my choices aren't always good. I'm not very good at picking what to read next, and I seem to have a lot of faith in authors I shouldn't. Shame on me.
Unheard of authors, ridiculousness and 'is this even a book?' seems to be my taste, but that's going to change. I punish myself at times when I end up pulling out the same books for Top 10 choices, and my bookish resolutions needs to be made.  I don't think I've noticed a lack of many things in my reading choices until I do lists for the blog, so it's partly quite good to have a book blog. 

7. The bottomless bag of bookish hoarding

Picked by: Lexie

KEEP THAT TINY PURSE AWAY FROM US. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a book blogger put in a situation which involves The Outside or Socializing or various non-bookish activities must be carrying: an e-reader, a book in case the e-reader's battery depletes, another book in case it runs long and we finish the first, a notepad (review notes!), a protective sleeve for the book(s), the e-reader and the notepad, a bookmark, another bookmark, three pens so two can die for no apparent reason, highlighters/tabs to mark the book's most memorable moments, a phone with an app that synchronizes with our computers, a bookish support system on speed dial, a travel mug, and a pineapple*.

And then they say we don't work out daily.

* Don't ask what the pineapple is for. 'Tis a sacred book-bloggerly factoid that only the most highly ranked are privvy to.

8. This is why we can't have nice things

Picked by: Natalie

I'm sure most new bloggers have done this. Casually slipping into emails or conversations that you have a book blog for an ARC you've been pining for. ARCs from big publishers are hard to come by, and when the big release of the year is out, you can't help but *hint hint* *wink nudge* which is when they decide to not respond to you. Naturally. I can't say I blame them but there's no harm in trying, am I right? Right. Don't know until you ask.  We'll keep trying until we get that early book from Sarah J. Maas... *shakes fist* One day, dammit!

9. The Bloggerly Schedulitis

Picked by: Lexie

Much like our writerly kin, there are two kinds of bloggers: those who schedule and plan their posts ahead of time, and those who write them on a whim. BOTH suffer from the infamous, notorious Bloggerly Schedulitis. 'Tis an oft-contracted and many-layered disease, and its most notable features include:
○ a minor apocalypse always occurring around the time the post is being written/scheduled to be uploaded
○ all the most important life events occurring around the time we are inspired/scheduled to perform bloggerly activities
○ the notorious Reading Slump striking during the most prominent release month, thereby disrupting all bloggerly activities
○ selective mutism when asked why Tuesday evening is bad for a coffee date so as not to have to explain what "I have to write my Top 10" means
the redefinition of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as Top 10 Tuesday, Waiting On Wednesday, YAY New Release Day, et al.

10. Never being satisfied with the blog layout

Picked by: Natalie

I love the blog, but I think I've said about 50 times that we were going to re-do the blog with a new layout and what not. Years later, and we're still at the same one. Finding the time, patience and the idea of what we want is not going to be easy but we'll get round to it. One day. It doesn't help that visiting other blogs and seeing their gorgeous blogs makes you want to give your own blog a bit of a face lift.
We'll get there. 

We aren't crazy! We are bookish and devoted. The world doesn't understand that bookish blogging is a calling and we honor all our calls... that pertain to books and are therefore relevant to our interests. 

What are some of your most bonkerly behaviors, bloggerly pumpkins? Or, if you don't blog, what reading habits regularly inspire people to give you The Look? Leave us a comment below and let us know, or find us on assorted social media below: