Only three and a half weeks into 2017, and here we are, re-litigating 2016. Because good things come to those who wait to do everything until the last possible second again even though Hermione told us to do it today or tomorrow we'll pay, but did we listen - noooo.

Ahem. As with ever-mounting TBRs and ever-triple-stacking bookshelves, an author-appreciation list is an ever-fluctuating and ever-expanding thing. Except it fluctuates a little. And it expands a lot. In keeping with the tradition of all previous years, ours grew only slightly out of control in the past year. We only have a million new people whose future releases we're now seeking to trade our souls for, and whose past releases we're now making our way through and claiming we'd been on that bandwagon all along, obviously.

These are only the ten most prominent of said people. May they ever add to our precariously balanced TBR Piles of Doom with their infinite talent and wisdom. We can take it. Or be crushed trying.

1. Maggie Stiefvater

Picked by: Natalie

Wait, you mean, someone hadn't read a Stiefvater original before 2016? Yes. It's always me that's late to jump onto the bandwagon, but here I am. Firmly on it and happy. I finally read The Raven Boys last year and fell in love with it, which surprised me, because I don't tend to like what everyone else likes (I'm not a book hipser by choice, the hipster life chose me).
I'm glad I was able to read her work because I was very much impressed, and I can for sure see myself reading her books in the future! And I WILL read The Raven King this year, I'm just too scared...someone encourage me to read it please.

2. Cinda Williams Chima

Picked by: Lexie

The official-unofficial Fantasy Fiend club comes with perks. Alas, the first rule of Fantasy Fiend club is: do not talk about said perks. But in the spirit of breaking oaths and embracing moral dubiousness as well as some of my favorite fantastical fiends, I'll just disclose this one: upon entry, a stack of giant scary books is dropped on your head. Those are the Genre Staples by Revered Authors which Must Be Read, lest your Fiendish Title be stripped away. Chief among said authors: Cinda Williams Chima. And after years of dodging and fleeing official Fantasy Enforcers, at the beginning of 2016 I bought and read The Seven Realms series, and it was exactly as glorious as I was always promised. Now if you'll excuse me - I have a stack of Chimaness to drop on some unsuspecting fresh meat. WELCOME ABOARD, FANTASY FIENDS. Cinda Williams Chima, as it turns out, is a staple for a reason.

3. Kasie West

Picked by: Natalie

I bet you scoffed or rolled your eyes when you saw this. It's no secret that I'm a West fangirl, so it's no surprise that she's on this list. Her books just fill me with a fluffy, chirpy goodness, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that'd she'd written quite a few books so I was able to indulge in a Kasie West marathon. Simple writing but it's so easy to fly through, all of her books are readable in one sitting, and they're like crack. Once you read one, you're in need to grab the rest because OMG GIVE THEM TO ME NOW. They are so cute and easily lovable. Did I mention they're cute? I'm sure I did.

4. Erin Morgenstern

Picked by: Lexie

The only reason Erin Morgenstern isn't headlining this Top 10 event is that she's only ever penned that one glorious piece of gloriousness - The Night Circus. But has said piece proven enough to sell me on Erin and all her future work? Yes. Has it resorted me to weekly social media stalk-sessions in hopes a future release is announced? No, not at all. Except totally. Has it had me plotting to transplant her magnificent, lyrical, storytelling brain into my own head? 
... Aaaanyway. Erin Morgenstern. 1/1 Lexie would recommend.

5. Amy Ewing

Picked by: Natalie

I picked up The Book of Ivy FINALLY after having it on my bookshelf for yonks, and I was very happy with it. I found her writing was wonderful, it didn't drag and she kept it at a good pace with some very interesting story. It has made me curious to read her other work, and I think I'll be keeping an eye on what's coming up on the horizon this year. I do wish I'd read the books sooner, but it doesn't matter because I've read them and now have an author to add to the 'stalk their future projects' list.

6. Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Picked by: Lexie

Some randomly chosen underrated YA concepts: YA mystery/thrillers (still!), complex and dynamic squads outside of fantasy, serial killers (but only in fiction, kids, don't try this at home), and RESEARCH.
YA concepts that Jennifer Lynn Barnes champions in The Naturals: YA thrillers, a complex and dynamic squad outside of fantasy, serial killers (but only in fiction, kids, nobody tried this at home), and RESEARCH.
Much as I spared myself the brunt of the sequel-awaiting pains by only picking the series up a few months before its final book was out, I was nevertheless treated to a whopping hangover after it was all said and done. But here's the kick: Jennifer Lynn Barnes has much more in store, some of it already published. Guess we know whose bandwagon I'll be camping out on throughout the upcoming year.

7. Nick Hornby

Picked by: Natalie

I'd heard of Hornby and I've been aware of his books, but I just never thought I'd enjoy them. They seemed to me as if I wouldn't like or enjoy the humour he has in his stories, but I was quite wrong after picking up About a Boy. I only read it because I adore the film so much, and although strangely enough I did prefer the film - *gasp* - I think I might check out some of his other work. I think trying out different kinds of authors and stories is a good idea, and going into actual fiction in stead of hiding in YA might be a good idea. Hornby can be a start. 

8. Holly Black

Picked by: Lexie

Yes, hello, everyone. I've been in a coma for ten years, a dog ate my homework, and my brother accidentally took my bookshelf to school with him - which is why I'm only about a decade late to the weird and whimsical wonder that is Holly Black. Until 2016, she was the author of that book with a cow on the cover. In 2016, she became... well, the author of that book with a cow on the cover. But rather than off-putting, now it's incredibly appealing - following the crazy fairytale ride that was The Darkest Part of the Forest. I mean... don't you want to know what that cow is all about?

9. Robin Benway

Picked by: Natalie

Robin wrote the wonderful book Emmy & Oliver that I got from a book box subscription, and at first, I didn't think it was my cup of tea. Well, let me tell you, I devoured that so damn fast and afterwards, I looked online just hoping she'd written something else. Luckily she has, so I've TBR'd a few more she's done, just anticipating on whether it's as good as E&O . I have faith in her though, and I can't wait to pick them up.  Emmy & Oliver was one of my favourite contemporaries of 2016, and I wouldn't mind giving it a cheeky re-read before giving other books like 'Audrey, Wait!' and 'The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June'

10. Jessica Shirvington

Picked by: Lexie

True story: Jessica Shirvington has me a hair's breadth away from painting myself a very silly color and taking a stand in front of whichever government office in Australia handles its territorial rights - or whichever individual publisher is at fault. Because, as I keep pointing out: getting one's paws on her Disrupton duology is a pain and involves all sorts of chicanery and bribery and things better left unsaid in a public forum. Let's just say that my Australian family was put to a stringent test of loyalty. (They passed. In return I slathered them in Vegemite and sent them into a kangaroo enclave.) And the duology's abundance of sass and sass and ruthless protagonists and sass and sassy friends and also sass is enough to render me unwilling to repeat the procedure when Jessica's future books are out. I ran out of Vegemite and the kangaroos never gave my Aussie contingents back. REEXAMINE YOUR PRIORITIES, AUSSIE PUBLISHING!

That's all, folks - except not at all, because we can (and will) happily bombard you with many a new discovery in the imminent future. But for now, do let us know who your favorite new authorial discoveries of 2016 were - that we may be crushed by our TBRs in style!