We're changing things up just a little. This week, we're dreaming not so much of a specific kind of books, but of the places where we can read the ones we've already started. Some readers out there prefer to live in a single place which they come to associate with books and which in turn prompts them to be in a reading mood every time they near this place.
We are not so choosy.
At The Honest Bookclub, reading is done in-between schoolwork and actual work (and sometimes during actual work, too), between get-togethers with friends and errands and chores. We don't choose a place to read. Much like a wizard's wand, the place to read chooses us.
But we are choosy enough to have favorites, of course, so this week for our Top 10 Monday, we're picking our top 10 favorite places to read. We're always up for alternatives, of course, so feel free to let us know what yours are in the comments below!

1. Bathtub

The thing about reading in the bathtub is that it's like reading in the ocean. Except it's a tub. It's an affordable, homemade ocean. If you can't picture it, you shouldn't be reading fiction, anyway.
(Also, no interruptions. If your bathroom has a lock. Which it should.)

2. Armchair

We're talking about a really cozy armchair here. What makes armchairs infinitely preferable to beds for us sleep-lovers is that armchairs provide as much comfort without resulting in "I fell asleep on top of my book again. What day is it?"

3. Walking down the street

This well-honed skill now has a name. It's a fairly straightforward name: readwalking. It usually stems from years of training, and it results in successfully avoiding manholes, men and holes with one's nose in a book while walking down the street. The previous falling into holes and bumping into men is well worth it, though. Once readwalking is perfected, there's no chance of ever being bored while walking down the street again. Guaranteed. (Unless the book is boring, in which case... switch it.)

4. Nature

Katniss was onto something. Some trees are just meant to be lain in. Only Katniss couldn't really afford to get lost in a good book, which was quite literally her loss. Since neither of us is volunteering in any fight-to-the-death battles on a regular basis, we love occasionally going out to parks, the woods or the beach, and replacing the Nature Sounds on our phone with actual sounds of nature while reading.

5. Class

The day you bring an interesting book to a boring class is the day you learn how to survive school with your sanity intact. But shhh, you didn't hear it from us.

6. Coffee Shop

You have your warm drink, a cosy corner table and your book - what could be better than that? We adore the atmosphere of a coffee shop; the background noises, the smell of the coffee and the serenity of not being bothered by anyone. It's just you, your book and your coffee. Bliss.

7. Public Transport

Whether it's at the station or on the train, on the bus or at the bus stop, we love reading on public transport. Especially when your life is hectic and you have so much to do, travelling somewhere can take a huge part of your day up so reading on there is a good excuse to catch up on those books you wanted to read. 

8. Bed

Of course there's nothing like being snuggled in bed with a good book in your pyjamas. The comfort. It's the best and safest place in the world, so you can't go wrong. 

9. Bookshop/Library

Reading where you're surrounded by hundreds of books and lots of fellow book lovers. It's always quiet, people respect that you're engrossed in a book, and you can also browse other titles and always leave with more books than what you brought with you. Perfect. They also have really comfy seats.

10. Work

I have to admit, when there's downtime at my work, I always whip out my book or Kindle. Why not? It's wasted time anyway, I'll only be twiddling my thumbs. And I always read on my break too, I just wish it was as quiet as a library!

We all have our favourite reading spots - what are yours? Let us know via the comments or on InstagramTwitter or Facebook (we're everywhere!)