What a marvelous bunch of books I have. I'm one lucky girl! Once again I am blessed to know someone with the name of Dennis who sent me more books, but not just any books - these books. 

I am unable to shelve them at the moment, considering I have a very small bookshelf and a room the size of a matchbox. With a full shelf and a pile getting too high to add any more without it toppling over, I am having to ponder where to put these. That'll be interesting.

Let us begin..

So blessed. I have these wonderful books in my possession now and they're just incredible. I absolutely loved these books, the characters and the gripping story. In fact, I loved this more than I thought I would. My co-blogger Lexie recommended this series to me and after so much time, I finally picked them up. I wish I'd read them sooner. I was unable to purchase the books but Dennis was my knight in shining armour. I have the books now so I can go back and re-read it as many times as I want. Which will happen.

And look at these gorgeous covers!

It's like book porn. They're so pretty! 

Now, there's a reason I have two. First off, I was browsing in my local bookshop yesterday and saw this cover and I was like 'woahh pretty', read the back and KNEW I had to tell Lexie about this. It's just her cup of tea. I went home and told her about it and of course, she had to read this book. It's not out on Amazon yet for another 2 days so I went back today and got us both a copy. (Buy one get one half price - win! Thanks Waterstones!) One will be sent in the post to her so she can fangirl over the goodness that is this stunning cover and fascinating story. We can't wait to get started on this one!

Do you have any of these in your possession or are they on your wishlist? Let us know via the comments or find us on social media and share your thoughts with us.