So many books, so little money. It is the newest spin on the good ol' so little time, and chiefly due to incredible book-lusting skills some of us tend to develop, despite our limited budgets. The dearth of hefty bank accounts doesn't stop us dreaming up Hogwarts-style libraries and mentally filling them with our favorites, soon-to-be-favorites and all of our TBR books.

Now, in general, wishlists tend to be a tricky sort of concept. For some, they're a source of disillusionment more than anything ("Look at all the books I can't have!"), while others see them as potential ("Look at all the books I could have someday/in the vague future/when I win the lottery"). Us two are nothing if not dreamers and idealists and just plain wishful-thinking-favorers. So this Monday, we've compiled a list of ten-ish books we would each most like to own. You know, hypothetically. Someday, hopefully, we will be looking back on this list from atop our throne of books, in our bookish house with bookcases instead of walls and laugh. Someday, hopefully.

As for now... we have our lists.



You knew it was coming, right? I was extremely lucky to get the ARC from a wonderful publisher, and of course I loved it. It's obvious that this is one of my favourite books, so being able to have the physical copy to go with my Thoughtless book set? YES PLEASE. I'm definitely looking forward to the release date. February 24th can't come quickly enough! 

A review will be released soon!


Unearthly series

This is one of my favourite series, no doubt about it. I discovered this wonderful story through listening to the audiobooks, so being able to own the physical copies would be fantastic! I'd love to read them as physical books, so I can absorb them in a different way. I may have missed something while listening to the audibooks, so reading them would immerse me into this world a lot more. Also, they'd look amazing on my bookshelf.


Harry Potter trunk boxset

I already have the Harry Potter UK books, sitting vibrantly on my shelf and reminding me of the days I read them for the first time. There's nothing quite like the original books that made you fall in love with the series. However, I love this series so much that I'd love the trunk boxset. Harry's trunk. Filled with Harry's life. Harry's story. One day!


The rest of Colleen Hoovers books.

Well, I need these for my Colleen Hoover collection. Of course. I have most of them but not these ones. Losing Hope,  Finding Cinderella, Maybe Not, This Girl and Never Never. It's no secret that I'm a CoHo fangirl, so I need all of her books. All of her stories are incredible, I love her writing and the characters she introduces us to. 
I'll get them gradually, just give me time!


Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series

Being able to have the whole series on my bookshelf would be amazing! It's such a good series, one that I'm considering re-reading at some point, and the covers are so lovely. I'd also love to own these so I can pass them on to my niece and nephews, who I think would enjoy these in the years to come. 


The Book of Ivy

I've heard nothing but good things about this one. The cover is gorgeous, the story is interesting, and it belongs on my bookshelf. I feel like I've had it in my wishlist and on my mind for so long now. So, one day, this book will be mine. 


The DUFF: The designated ugly fat friend

This is one of my favourite books and I still don't own it. Why? I have no idea. I just never got around to purchasing it. It's a fantastic story so I really would love to have this sit proudly on my shelf. 


Obsidian series

Such a good series! I've not seen these books in my local bookshop. If I buy these, it'll have to be online. The reason I haven't bought them as physical books is mostly because there's so many of them! Having to buy them gradually is the most likely way to get these, but I'd definitely love to have these on my bookshelf. I've yet to read the last book so a re-read is in order in the near future.


The Chronicles of Narnia

I read the first few books when I was younger, and fell in love with the land of Narnia. I love C.S Lewis' writing and everything he created. Sadly I didn't finish because I discovered some other magical books. Yes, I ended up reading Harry Potter instead, and look how that ended. Me re-reading Harry's world and abandoning Aslan and the world behind the wardrobe. I need to get back into the series and rekindle my love for the books. There's 7 books, though, so I'll have to make room! 


Lord of the Rings trilogy

I've still not read this series. I'm so behind on the popular books, so having this series in my possession might push me to read them. So many people love the books so I'll have to see what the big deal is. I've not seen the movies, either, so I'll be going into this blind. The best way.

1. Writing craft books

When it comes to outlining, plot doctoring and the overall story structure, I am unashamedly nerdy. I'll seek it out in the books I read, and I'll attempt to implement it in the books I attempt to write. While there is an abundance of online resources on story structuring, I am still very much interested in obtaining some actual writing-craft-books, in particular those of Donald Maass. His Writing The Breakout Novel workbook is a thing of wonders and I've been window-shopping-style ogling it for a little too long. 

2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor

It's easily one of my all-time favorite series of any genre, and I don't own the physical books. This is a wrong which shall one day be righted.

3. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

In our 2015 Bookish Resolutions post, I did make it a point to emphasize I'd love to finally get into some graphic novels this year. Saga seems like an excellent place to start. Yes, that is a man with horns. And yes, that is a woman with wings back antlers? wing antlers? And yes, that will be one wicked-looking kid when it grows up from a baby. Lucky it's a graphic novel. I can't wait to see that. 

4. A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Also known as the-book-that-makes-my-friends-sigh, mainly because I've been consistently deciding to buy it and/or read it for well over a year. It's just designed to feed my fantasy-paranormal kick. As far as kicks can be fed. So there.

5. The Unbecoming + Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Mara Dyer and I have this relationship where we can't decide if it's symbiotic or parasitic: see, in reading about Mara's mental deterioration, my own mental health has marginally improved. Which made it one of my favorite series, obviously. (Also, Noah Shaw.) Thanks to my lovely co-blogger, I do own the third book in the series, but not the first two. Ergo, this post.

6. Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

"It has one of the biggest/most shocking/scandalous/mind-blowing/boom, that's your brain/Wiley coyote splats into a cloud of dust/discombobulating plot twists you've ever read". And it's fantasy. Good enough for my book lust.

7. Crown of Midnight + Heir ofFire by Sarah J. Maas

I shall call you book hangover, and you shall be mine, and you shall be my book hangover. (Really, though. I've read these babies with great delight and now they are my babies. If you consider babies bloodthirsty and assassination-prone and ancient-dead-queen worshipping.)

8. The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

I really love Vampires. I do. I grew up on a healthy dose of Vampire movies which both started and then fueled the love. But it was only recently that I realized that despite the massive hype, I'm yet to read a good Vampire book, apart from Holly Black's crazysauce The Coldest Girl In Coldtown, which is crazysauce. Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series seems just gory and non-sparkly enough to spark my interest (see what I did th... never mind).

9. Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

10. Books which aren't out yet

Is it wishful thinking?
Does that stop me from craving them?

That's all, folks. (Except not really, because our wishlists are overflowing with still more books we wish we had. As said in the intro, we consider wishlists to be a kind of window-shopping experience: people either love it, they hate it or they leave their muddy fingerprints on the glass. We tend to be the first group. Except when we're really excited.)
Tell us what books you most wish you had, or the ones you plan to accidentally buy. Leave us a comment below or find us on social media. We're everywhere.