Hello again, my bookish friends. That marvelous time is upon us again, and that is book box subscription time! Bookish goodness!

I know that The Fandom of the Month Club is not always 100% bookish but this month it darn well is. I've only subscribed to FOTM so far, but I think I shall consider future ones (hopefully in Europe because damn, those shipping prices get me)!

But for the moment, the little magic box arrived again, and it's time to review it.

Let's dive straight in. February's theme is Alice in Wonderland
I read the book many years ago as a child, and although I'm not a huge fan now, I still love this theme. I knew that a lot of it would be quite quirky and tea-related, for obvious reasons. As a tea lover, I knew I'd adore at least something in here. After all, you can never find a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.
The first thing I saw is obviously the bag which holds all the goodness in. I'm starting to get a collection of these, and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them now. Though all bookish merch is basically sacred, so they'll come in handy. On the bag it says 'How long is forever? Sometimes just one second'

I love it. Book quotes are life.

On to the jewellery! This is a very long necklace which consists of a rose, a small bottle that says 'drink me' on it and various other little charms.

I've had a necklace similar to this before but it broke, and I've been missing it like crazy. So this is very handy and cute! Not to mention, it saves me time looking for another.

But my favourite part of the box has to be the ring. If you know me at all, you'll be aware that I'm a tea addict. I drink tea all the time, so I'm very much the image of a stereotypical British person. This ring sums me up to a tea. (See what I did there? Yeah, shut up, Natalie.)

The ring is quite large, but it's adjustable which is handy for my fat fingers. I've got a new job which is less physical and more computer-based, so I'm more likely to wear this daily. It's a tad too big for practical work. But now I'm wearing this all day, everyday! *squee!*

I adooooore these earrings! Novelty earrings are my thing. And there's a benefit of people genuinely asking 'What do your ears say now?'
A quote, that's what. I sadly lost one of my dragon earrings from a previous box while I was sleeping  *sob* These can replace those earrings until I get more! (I will get another set, for sure. These are adorable.)

The last part makes me sad. This is meant to be an Alice-themed bangle, but it's damaged. It came with just glue on it and no image. Personally, it's probably going to be too much of a hassle to get it replaced, so it'll probably stay in the condition that it's in. On the bright side, it's not the kind of bracelet I wear typically. But I'm still sad. My bracelet! :(

I'm not sure what this is supposed to have on it, but hey ho. Disappointed. It wasn't even loose in the bag, so it was packaged broken. Whyyyy.

And then we have the magnet, which every box has. I love how my fridge is just filling up with nerdy goodness. Keep them coming! Now adding my Mad Hatters hat to the mix.

So there you have it! My box of goodness - and one broken bracelet. That's always the risk with these boxes - things getting damaged. (Though I am baffled that the image isn't even in there. Shame, really.)

What do you think of February's box? Anything there that takes your fancy, or any Alice fans out there? Do share your comments! We love to hear from you.  You can either leave a nice comment below or find us at any of the following social media platforms: