Next to read-a-thons and actual face-to-face book obsessing, one of the most entertaining interactive reading practices are certainly read-a-longs.

What is a read-a-long, you ask?

A read-a-long is a pre-determined time period during the month/year when a group of people choose to all read the same book(s) at (virtually) the same time, and discuss their progress with one another as they do, thus encouraging and spurring one another on.

Goodreads groups have facilitated online read-a-longs quite a bit, as well as a multitude of social networks (with Twitter being the prime leader) where the people participating in read-a-longs can connect and share their impressions and their progress with others.

So if you've been meaning to get to a book/series but never had the chance, or if you haven't been very inspired to read lately, this summer brings plenty of read-a-longs that you can join. We've listed some of the ones we're considering joining ourselves, or the ones we highly approve of (*cough* Harry Potter *cough*). If you find yourself interested in any of our choices below, please don't hesitate to join. These read-a-longs are about as non-elitist as they get. The people participating don't know one another for the most part, and no one's opinion is valued more highly than the rest. They're a safe haven where you can read at your own pace, and always find support and encouragement from others as you do (as long as you comment and share your progress with others).

There's nothing better than a buddy read, after all!

1. The Summer of Spells Read-A-Long

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

June 1st 2014 - April 31st 2014

Goodreads group: SummerofSpells
Twitter hashtag: #SummerofSpells

2. The Syrena Legacy Read-A-Long

by Anna Banks

Twitter hashtag: #SyrenaSummer

June 21st 2014 - July 21st 2014

Novelette #0.4: The Stranger
Novella #0.5: Legacy Lost
Book #1: Of Poseidon
Book #2: Of Triton
Novella #2.5: Girls Day Out
Book #3: Of Neptune

Lead by: Riley, Kennia, Kassidy, Anabel

3. The Grisha trilogy Read-A-Long

by Leigh Bardugo

July 1st 2014 - July 31st 2014

Twitter hashtag: #ReadGRISHA

Novella #0.5: The Witch of Duva
Book #1: Shadow and Bone
Novella #1.5: The Tailor
Book #2: Siege and Storm
Novella #2.5: The Too-Clever Fox
Novella #2.6: Little Knife
Book #3: Ruin and Rising

4. The Warrior Heir (Booksplosion) Read-A-Long

by Cinda Williams Chima

July 1st 2014 - July 31st 2014

Twitter hashtag: #bookwarriors

(Note: Booksplosion is also a read-a-long group with a new book each month, picked out towards the end of the current month. The Twitter hashtags vary depending on the book in question.)

Lead by: Liz, Ariel, Jesse, Kat, Christine

Will you be participating in any of the read-a-longs listed? Are you hosting your own that we don't know about (and that you wish to promote)? Are you interested to hear more about our experiences with read-a-longs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or visit our Twitter or Facebook page and discuss the joys of buddy reads with us.