Who has the best booksister in the world? I have the best booksister in the world! Eek! It doesn't bode well when a book blogger is at a loss for words, but that's pretty much what I am at this very moment.

When she bought herself the book-themed tote bag last month (see the picture on our Instagram), Natalie got me one, as well. Hers says "Read More Books". Mine says "Book Nerd". Both are equally true and equally appropriate. Because nothing beats book merchandise, and this book merchandise is just too amazing.

Speaking of book merchandise, how incredible are these buttons/badges? There are four, in case you can't tell, and they say "I love books", "Read", "To read or not to read - never a question", and "Future author" (which will be such a source of motivation when NaNoWriMo comes around).

And then there's the Colleen Hoover merch! Colleen Hoover, who we ever so slightly worship. Whose signing Natalie went to last year. And whose merch will now grace my New Adult shelf, right next to her books (of which there are many). My excitement levels are through the roof right now.

And finally, the book. The book I have shamefully not read yet, but which I need to get to, both as a Harry Potter fan, and as a former fanfiction writer. I'm woefully behind where Rainbow Rowell is concerned. And I've always known I'd want "Fangirl" to be my first book and my initiation into the world of Rainbow Rowell. And now I've gotten my chance! Natalie has been recommending this book to me for a good, long while, and now she's sent me the means of reading it as well! It's such a beautiful book, guys. I'm getting started on it the second I finish one of the two I'm currently reading (I'm entirely too scatterbrained to juggle three books simultaneously, though I am tempted to give it a try just now). "Fangirl" awaits!!!

Whew. It was incredibly hard to fangirl (pun intended!) about this gift in an articulate manner. (Blogging's hard, y'all!) My initial reaction involved caps lock, lots of exclamation points and a whole bunch of "I can't even"s. This had to be more subdued.

Having said that, A MASSIVE, MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MY ONE-AND-ONLY BOOKSISTER WHO NEVER CEASES TO INSPIRE AND AMAZE ME! You're the best blog-partner anyone could ever have. 

- Lexie