Your eyes aren't deceiving you; it's another bookhaul!

I've been thinking it over, and I've come to the conclusion that my good friend Dennis is responsible for about a fourth of my entire bookshelf. I'm in equal parts alarmed, humbled and profoundly grateful to him for this, in ways I still haven't quite found the words to express (though some interesting phrases have been coined - like thankyouest, the superlative of "thank you"; it's not an adjective, but we're not nitpicky over here... most of the time).

What my good friend Dennis is also responsible for is this edition of "In My Mailbox". (THANKYOUEST, Dennis!!!)

Most bookaholics go on book bans - you know, that thing where they limit their book buying, or go completely cold-turkey and try not to purchase a single book for months, while they make their way steadily through the mounds of unread books they've accumulated over the years. The reason that Natalie and I have no such problems, or the need for such bans, is mainly that we can't afford financially to accumulate books, and we're fast enough readers that our bookshelves don't really cointain any unread books. Dennis, however, likes to spoil me (as is evident by this bookhaul). So what the two of us ended up doing was agreeing on a sort of book buying ban for him. No, it doesn't mean that he wasn't supposed to buy books. It just means that he wasn't supposed to buy them for me... until July.

It's July, y'all! And the morning of the 3rd dawned with "Letters to Dead Authors" by A. Lang in my mailbox. As the picture might suggest, it's a book published and printed in 1892, and features - as its title suggests - a series of letters written to various dead authors (who we now consider to be the "classic authors"), from various eras and various time periods. The letters remark on their lives, their books, their milestones, their deaths and everything in-between. I once ran across this book by accident, while trying to find the release date for Ava Delaira's "Love Letters to the Dead". (Spoiler alert: they have little in common.) I came across a letter to Jane Austen during the mix-up and found that I quite liked it. And now I own the book, to peruse at leisure! And what a pleasant perusal that will be.

But if that was a shock, it was nothing compared to the shock yet to come!

Yes, it's "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs! And its sequel, "Hollow City"! If you're as obsessive about books as we are over here, you'll have at least a couple that you've been lusting after for what seems like the longest time. For me, these books were it. I refused to buy them on my Kindle on principle when they were on sale, knowing as I did that the physical books were supposed to contain many stunning photographs and illustrations that accompany the story. And do they ever!!! These are some of the most intricately designed, beautiful books I've seen in my entire life. The photography is reminiscent of Diane Arbus (as is evident in the pictures of the dust jackets above), yes, but that's not all. There has been such an abundance of attention to detail where these books were concerned! Under the dust jackets, they're just as stunning. The photographs inside are absolutely spectacular. The sections between chapters are so beautifully decorated, as is the inside of the cover. And those spines!

If you follow Jesse at Jessethereader on Youtube, you'll be aware that this is one of his all-time favorite series. I'm inclined to trust Jesse's paranormal recommendations, given that his recommendation of "The Archived" by Victoria Schwab introduced me to one of my favorite YA paranormal series. So my excitement to dive into these is on the extreme side, and I plan on starting the moment I finish Rainbow Rowell's "Fangirl", which I'm currently making my way through (and enjoying it immensely).

(Also, Ransom Riggs happens to be Tahereh Mafi's husband. And Tahereh Mafi happens to be my god. If you think about it, Ransom is therefore my god-by-association. Would that make "Miss Peregrine's" my... Bible-by-association?)

Okay, I've strayed into the land of weird philosophies, which is a sure sign that I need to wrap the post up. You can expect reviews of these books in the near future, as well as a brief mention of my enjoyment and my rating during our July wrap-up. 

I just wish to thank Dennis once again for these wonderful, wonderful books, I really can't find words big or important enough to express the magnitude of my gratitude for each and every single book you've sent me. You're an absolute wonder, and an even more wonderful friend. ♥ THANKYOUEST!

If you're excited about any of these, or if you've read them and wish to share your impressions, leave a comment below or visit us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to discuss and share our daily book-excitement!

- Lexie