Mornin'!!! ♥

The Universe has heard our pleas.

No, really. The Universe must have heard our pleas. There is just no other explanation for everything falling into place so perfectly.

Mere hours after we had a long discussion about the possible release date for "Thoughtful", the long-anticipated retelling of the bestselling "Thoughtless", a stunning debut that rocked the world of New Adult literature to its core (pun absolutely intended!), the official announcement has finally happened:

S.C. Stephens's "Thoughtful", Kellan Kyle's point of view of the events that take place in "Thoughtless" is due to be released in February, 2015!

(And no, this is not the official cover. We just like to mess around in Photoshop.)

Several "Thoughtful" teasers have been released over the past few months, since its official announcement. Now, at long last, we have a date to attach to each of those teasers and eagerly anticipate future ones (if we get any more) or the official release (if we don't).

But that isn't all!

Apart from "Thoughtful", due in February, S.C. Stephens will pen another book centered around the "Thoughtless" characters - more specifically, centered around Griffin (and his Hulk, in all likelihood, because we know Griffin and his antics well enough to anticipate as much)! The Griffincentric "Thoughtless" novel is due in the fall of 2015.

But that is still not all!

S.C. Stephens has, in fact, signed a three-book deal with Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing. Apart from "Thoughtful" and Griffin's book, the third is due in early 2016 and will be - in Stephens's own words - "something completely brand new" for all of us to look forward to!

If Kellan and Kiera's story has touched you as deeply as it has touched us, and if it has shattered your preconceptions about love triangles or rockstar novels as thoroughly as it has ours, then in all likelihood you've been anticipating this news every bit as eagerly as we have.

Needless to say, we will keep you updated on any and all news, snippets, teasers and general information regarding... well, pretty much regarding anything-S.C.Stephens. To say we're big fans would make for an understatement of the century. So sign up for our blog via e-mail, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay on top of "Thoughful" and all other releases we're eagerly anticipating in the future.

Also, needless to say, the moment "Thoughtful" is available for pre-order, we will be notifying you (and rushing to pre-order our own copies, make no mistake). ♥