They love and support one another through thick and thin. They put themselves in harm's way for one another without a moment's hesitation. They offer encouragement and support when needed, and they give stern lectures when required. They make great teams, and their love is unwavering through it all.

They are the book siblings.

1. The Weasleys (Harry Potter)

OF COURSE they were going to be number one. The one family we all wish we were apart of. If we were all in the wizarding world, most of us would want to marry a Weasley just so we can live all together happily in the safety of the Burrow. Protective brothers, loving parents, a cozy house full of magic and a few pranksters. Who wouldn't want to be one? Even Harry wanted to be part of the family, and because of their kind ways, they welcomed him with open arms. Through thick and thin, this family have stuck together (minus Percy...) and they're as strong and loving as ever. Money doesn't always equal happiness, who needs it when you have love? 

2. Katniss and Prim (The Hunger Games)

If you've read the books or seen the movies, there's no denying the loyalty and strong bond between Katniss and Prim.  With a deceased father and an absent-minded mother, Prim relies on Katniss to take care of everything for the family, so of course when the inevitable happens and Prim is called up for the Hunger Games, her big sister is there to take her place. Katniss treats her like her own child and loves her unconditionally and will do anything to keep her safe. That, in itself, is the reason why these two are number two in our list. 

3. Kiera and Anna Allen (Thoughtless)

As you already know, we're already massive fans of the Thoughtless series. One of the things that really got me into the series was the characters, I grew so attached to them that I they feel like family to me. Although they had their ups and downs, I loved Kiera and Anna's relationship. They're complete opposites and argue sometimes but they'll always be there for each other. Their bond was unbreakable and they're so hilarious together. You can't not love them. Anna is wild and carefree, Kiera is booksmart and sensible (sometimes) but when they're together, the banter is entertaining and the duo work as a team to help each other out through thick and thin. 

4. Sally and Gillian (Practical Magic)

One is a brunette, one is a redhead. One is wild, the other is stable. One seeks independence, freedom and passion, the other wants a family, romance and security. One gets in trouble. The other gets her out of it. And through it all, their sisterly bond is unbreakable, and their love for each other unconditional.

5. Penryn and Paige (Angelfall)

Well, it was very difficult to find a picture, I have to say. Anyway, if you've read the Angelfall series (so far!) then you'll know how loyal Penryn is to her little sister. A not so nice thing happens to Paige and it all goes downhill from there. Sadly, it all gets even worse than the start of the book and a change in Paige changes her completely, however Penryn will do anything to help her, evil or not. Calm talking and understanding with her, treating her like she's a regular girl, loving her as if she was the same sister before. That, my friends, just proves how much of a great sister she is to her. 

6. Daniel and Mara (Mara Dyer)

If your whole family suspects that you might be psychotic and looks to keep you in a gilded cage, it's good to have a brother like Daniel, who will cover for you, speak on your behalf, sneak you out of the house when necessary and offer to drive the getaway car in times of crises.

7. The Pevensies (The Chronicles of Narnia)

We all know the Pevensies, The Chronicles of Narnia is a book series we all read as kids and we met the brave Pevensie family. I won't mention the ending of the series as that will only upset (not a spoiler as it could mean anything!) but through the series they were a great family to read about. Whether they're in the wardrobe or out of it, they're brave, strong, funny and smart. Look what they went through and look how young they are! (To be fair, they're younger in the books but that always, Percy Jackson anyone?) I loved reading about the Pevensies and going through the journey with them.

8. The Garretts (My Life Next Door)

We've already proclaimed our undying love for the Weasleys. In many capacities, the Garretts are a contemporary version of their redheaded magical counterparts. Boisterous, messy, uncontained, no-holds-barred, and always, always there for one another in times of need.

9. Elizabeth and Jane (Pride and Prejudice)

Sisterly love at its best, and yet another example of how being unlike your sibling can bring you closer together instead of causing a rift. While kind, gentle, naive Jane wants to believe in good in everyone and doesn't allow herself to be "argued out of her opinion", Elizabeth looks for inconsistencies in others, believes them silly, foolish and - at times - malicious. And yet somehow, through it all, they compliment one another perfectly.

10. Daemon and Dee (Lux)

You'll be hard-pressed to a find a more protective brother than Daemon, or a more loving sister than Dee. They are the perfect example that in the face of great loss, you can emerge stronger and even closer than you were before. Their love for one another is the only constant in their lives, and believe us - you don't want to stand in the way of it! With their stubbornness and their unwavering determination, the Black siblings will put anyone out of commission if they threaten to come between them. Just ask Obsidian-Katy. She'll tell you.