Books are beautiful.
Covers are beautiful. 
Readers are beautiful. 

We spend so much of our time browsing through Bookstagram (Bookish accounts on Instagram, in case you weren't aware), that we wanted to share our favourite accounts with you. You could spend ages liking everything, getting inspiration for your own pictures or book recommendations, and the one's that we stalk? Yeah, you definitely should too. 
Some readers are so talented with photography, creative with their placement and props, and great at recommending some amazing reads. It's also a great place to find people who enjoy similar books to you, which is fantastic for making new friends!

It's a book community that we're very happy to be apart of.

So, come and look at our top ten bookstagram accounts, one's that really inspire us and the first one's we go to when we log on.

1. youngadultbookaddict

This account is stunning. Her photo's are wonderfully taken, with a fantastic choice of books and some well-placed and thought out props. The account is a great inspiration for us if we're ever needing a little boost, and we always make sure we check out the newest pictures she's taken when we're tapping into our Instagram account.

2. Epic Reads

This instagram is also not only a popular website and YouTube channel, but it's actually ran by some great people at HarperCollins! They post some beautiful pictures, and we can't not pop onto their account and catch up on some up and coming book releases. It's good to keep in the know! Be a book hipster.

3. Subway Book Review

This bookstagram account involves a book lover taking photo's of fellow readers on the subway, and asking them to show off their book and telling us what they think. It's fantastic to get some opinions on what they really think as they're very honest, and it's also great to see the lovely covers and beautiful faces of people from New York.

4. insidethebookreader

Another popular bookstagram account, and for a reason. Some wonderfully taken photo's of their current reads or favourite books, propped out and some quirky bookish fashion and merchandise. Insidethebookreader give us some artistic shots and creative ways to recommend some great reads to us, as we can never just scroll past any of their pictures without admiring what they've shared.

5. bookbaristas

A wonderful account with such a various selection of books, some wonderful settings and props that really make the photo's pop. A laid back way of bookstagram, clean, simple yet effective. 

6. bookmarauder

A bold and fun account with some great reads, book merchandise and t-shirts. We absolutely adore checking out this account everyday, and the bright colours always capture our attention. This one is perfect for any book nerds that love to reminisce  over their favourites, like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. 


Bright, clean and a great choice of books, this account is also a must-follow. Their photos are similar to the others but each have their own edge and mark to their own captures. Some simple and others packed full of props and beautiful books, this one has a bit of everything.

8. _halfbl00dprincess

The pictures are well-thought out, carefully placed and are perfect for any book nerd, especially any Harry Potter fan. The name is a give away and an obvious hint at a book series which will be included in this bookstagram account, but there is still a various amount of different books for any book lover out there. Professional looking and lovely!

9. bookwormboutique

Although this account is mostly showing us bookish merchandise that they're selling, the products are absolutely wonderful and we want to buy it all. The photo's are charming, creative and we can guarantee that you'll want to spend all your money on everything.
Maybe next payday.

10. lottelikesbooks

The book is the main feature on this account, and we love how simplistic and fresh these pictures are. Bookshelves, covers and book-side drinks, this one is a great choice to follow if you want recommendations or eve inspiration for yourself.

Beautiful, right? If you follow any of them, or have your own recommendations, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to hear from you. You can find us at any of the following social media outlets