You have to admit, 99.9% of the time, we secretly hope nobody invites you out. 
But, it's saturday, and someone's asking if you want to go out on the town tonight. In your head, you've already organised a date night with the book you're currently reading and a large pizza. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in, and it's quite often that people call you out on being 'boring' or not going out enough.

"Aw, come on, you'll have fun!"

Sometimes we just want to stay with these characters, we want to know what happens in this journey and to see what happens in the end. That's more interesting. 

We have proof as to why it's better to stay in than to go out.

Save money

This one is a given. A book isn't expensive, but a whole night of drinks, possible food and taxi's? No thanks, that's precious book money spent. A night out is damn well expensive, and I always feel bad the next day after looking in my bank account or my purse. The money you just wasted could be put towards so many other things. Save those pennies! You'll be glad you stayed in.

Wear what you want

If you want to wear comfort chic, then you wear comfort chic! Nobody will judge you. So get those oversized jumpers out, baggy trousers and slippers, and wear what you want. You don't need to impress anyone. Hell - get that snuggie out! And not forgetting the best advantage of staying in - no bra and make up. Such comfort!

Your TBR pile is stacking up

That list of books is just growing and growing! You need to keep it under control, and that means sacrificing some nights out and keeping it to an acceptable size. You don't want to neglect your books! Also, you want to finally pick up that book you've been meaning to read for so long, so the weekend is the perfect time to do so. Books are there to be read, and they want to be loved.


It's good to have some time to yourself, you can relax, do what you feel and nobody will disturb you. Having me-time is healthy and a great time to catch up on reading, de-stress and maybe even do something you've always wanted to do. So, have a bubble bath, enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea, read your book, stuff your fave with chocolate and watch trash tv. We all need some days off from people.

Book characters are more interesting

Y'know it's true. The characters in your books are so much more fun and interesting than your real friends. It may sound harsh, but have your friends defeated a dragon, trained to become an assassin or fought against a villain lately? Nah, we didn't think so. The conversations are so much more fun, sometimes sassy, they get into some situations that'll never happen to us and you won't hear that same stuff your friends always complain about, like that colleague at work, or what their parents said to them. Nice to hear something different, and why not let it be a fictional character. I'd always prefer hearing about unicorns over people, wouldn't you?

It's okay to say no every once in a while

You don't have to go every single time someone asks you. Sometimes things, like your book, are more important (or whatever else you'd rather be doing). If so, then you tell them to go out without you. It also makes you look cooler if it seems like you have other plans, and you don't want your friends to use you as backup because you always say yes. You can say no, and you will.  Our lives are busy, we have to fit you into our schedule. And by schedule, we mean a reading schedule.

It's too cold out

Yeah, it's better to be wrapped in a blanket, feet up, and not hurting your feet in heels. It's not even worth it sometimes, and we don't want a cold for the rest of the month. We'd rather stay in the warm, thanks!

It's too hot out

If it's not cold, then it's way too hot. It's that time of year when the temperatures are all over the place, and we don't want to run the risk of getting all hot, sticky and fainting from the heat. When there's a heatwave, it's still hot at night, and we're perfectly fine with staying in front of a fan. Book, air con and an iced coffee. Yep.


Doesn't even need explaining. Books = life.

So, stay in. Pop the kettle on, have some family time, or even just time to yourself. We all need it every now and then, and reading a book is a great way to spend that evening. Got any to add or something to say? Comment down below or find us at any of these social media outlets - we'd love to hear from you!