We're never ashamed to show the world that we love something. When it comes to books, it's easy to show everyone that you have a passion for reading or maybe a specific book, whether it's a simple necklace or a t-shirt saying I LOVE BOOKS in big, bold letters. It's always nice when you meet people with similar book interests, and especially when they get the reference you just said. You know what that means -  that person should instantly be your friend. Of course.
So, how do you do that? Get those shirts on the internet. Buy all the merchandise. Unless it's Harry Potter Gryffindor shirts, it's hard to find anything else in the shops close to home. We've picked our favourite ten bookish items (all from Etsy, of course)  and shared them with you, and you're more than welcome to share anything you've purchased!

Don't drain your bank account! 

Autumn is on it's way, which only means one thing - jumpers. Big, comfy jumpers. We saw this multi-fandom jumper and fell in love with it, and we're saving up to get one ourselves. Isn't it lovely? It  tells the world why we love reading, and the books that we love, including Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent and the quote from The Mortal Instruments. 
Definitely our favourite.

2. Boys In Books Are Better shirt by KissMeBangBang

Well, it's true. We've lost count on how many book boyfriends we have but we can't help it! Boys in books are just better. 
Not only is the shirt being honest, but it also looks simple yet stylish. We're not up to date with fashion, but we think this looks great. We'd definitely wear it. 

Wearing a bookcase around your neck, but not straining it? Yes. This looks amazing, and really shows your passion for books. Don't just have one book around your neck, but have a ton of them. Of course! You can't just pick one

4. Camp Half-Blood shirt by Citylife T's

If you're a fan of the Percy Jackson series, you'll want a Camp Half-Blood shirt. If you've not read the books, we recommend you give them a try, they're fantastic! Also, you'll want to instantly go online and get yourself one of these. Why? Because Camp Half-Blood is brilliant, that's why. 

The classic Snape quote. Why would you not want that on your tote bag? A real Harry Potter fan will know what this means, and it's always great to meet a fellow Potterhead. Also, tote bags are such useful bags, especially for when you're book shopping and you've got quite a few to take home with you. 
You can never have too many tote bags.

6. Tolkien Quote Tank by neenacreates

This quote is a favourite. It's taken from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and it's known even by people who have yet to read the books. It's very inspiring and a wonderful line to share with the world, so we can't help but want to get this tank top.

Rings are the best. You can't have too many, so why not get a bookish one? Not only is this a beautiful book, but it's also a locket. Hide away pictures, notes or maybe even your favourite and most inspiring quote. Open it up when you're feeling down and you're instantly cheered up. Empowered. Encouraged.
We definitely want one of these.

8. Library Shoes by ShopJustWish

How cute are these? These simple shoes have a design of a library due date card, which is a quirky yet cute design to show the world of your love for books. Just make sure you don't wear them anywhere that could stain them, as they're white and could stain easy! Maybe just to nip to the library or the bookshop, because that's where these shoes would really be appreciated.

Stylish, elegant and bookish, this ampersand symbol is not very bookish but it does show that the wearer is fond of text. Text. Books. Yeah, you get the picture. It's different, quirky and something you don't really see people wear. We love it, and definitely would prefer more people wearing this, as apposed to other fashionable symbols, like skulls or anything not-so cheerful.  Anything book related is always better!

10. Book Purse by NovelCreations

It doesn't have to be Harry Potter but you can choose from a wide range of books to have as a purse. How cool is that? Long straps, short, different covers of the same book, so many genres. Spoilt for choice! We think there are adorable, and why not show the world your love and dedication for your favourite book?

So, what do you think? Will you be saving up for any of these, or do you have any you think we  might like? Let us know in the comments, or find us at any of the following social outlets; we'd love to hear from you!