This week for our Top 10 Monday, we've decided to share with you our favourite bookish websites. If we're being perfectly honest, most of the sites we go on daily are book related so we're no strangers to these ones. We have them all bookmarked in our browsers and ready to use for our daily book/author stalking. If you know of more that we haven't listed, don't hesitate to mention it to us, because there's nothing better than chatting books with fellow book lovers. Sometimes people around us don't read as much or even understand how excited we get over a character or a story, so we need you guys to share in our excitement.

We didn't include this blog because that wouldn't be appropriate. And, well, you all know of it as you're reading it right now. (Having said that, don't forget about it as you stray to all those other, grander websites.) 

So come look at our list of our favourite bookish websites!


I love this website. I can spend hours browsing, reviewing, commenting and meeting fellow book lovers like me. It's also a fantastic place to recommend books you love to other users, chat to authors and also enter giveaways to get free books. If you've not been on this site before, I'd highly recommend checking it out. 



I adore this website. It's so cheap, it has options of which cover you want - because that's important for your bookshelf! - and also, when you get your order, you get a free bookmark most of the time. The only downside is that the delivery is quite slow but it's worth the wait. Also, on the website, you can see what people have ordered from all over the world, which is a really cool feature.



You can't go wrong with this website. It tells you when ebooks are on sale or free. Yes, free! An email is sent to you about the daily book deals, which are very handy, and it does include some very popular books. So go have a look and see what bargains you can pick up - this website will save you some money, we promise.


I'm sure you're all familiar with this website. Amazon does have its flaws with pricing and delivery, but it's still a fantastic place to get ebooks and cheap books. It has pretty much every book you want and I have to hand it to them, they did refund my money when I pre-ordered a book and it wasn't delivered on the day it came out. I didn't even have to ask them about it. 



We love going on this website. It's ran by the lovely people at Harper Collins in New York, and it's so much fun. They share videos regarding all the bookish problems we all have, share reviews, polls, contests and discussions - all things book related!
Definitely check it out!



This website is amazing. It's a fantastic place where you can request ARCs from publishers! Yep, if you have a book blog or if you qualify as a professional reviewer in any capacity, you can request one by browsing through so many great titles and being able to read that popular book before everyone else. Wonderful.



It's not a bookish website but the amount of fantastic book merchandise and gadgets you can get on here is great! If I had the money, I'd buy all of it. All homemade and sold to you from fellow fans of your favourite books. From jewellery and iPhone cases to bookshelves and book stands. Always a fun website to browse!



The official website of the National Novel Writing Month, is the Mecca of all amateur and professional writers who partake in the crazy experience that is an attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November. Apart from the official event, there are also NaNoWriMo online camps which take place in April and July, where the word count is arbitrary. The website is active year-round, and their forums are a perfect place for meeting fellow writers and accumulating an inordinate amount of helpful advice and encouragement.


We love a good audiobook. Getting lost in a book in a new way, being able to do other things in our busy lives whilst still enjoying a story. Brilliant. If you join audible, you can get a free audiobook to start you off so you can see how you get on with audiobooks, as it's not always for everyone, but we love them at The Honest Bookclub. 



I've not bought anything from this website - yet - but I will do one day. It has so many great bookish gifts for the bookworms in your life, or for yourself. I'd highly recommend checking it out, you'll end up wanting to buy it all. Trust us.


Are any of these your favourite book websites? Got anymore you can recommend? We'd love to hear from you via in the comments below. Or find us on our social media and share your recommendations with us there!



4/ 5

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