It's the first In My Mailbox post of 2016!

Yep, I've been book shopping again, and I've actually had two rounds of book buying since the New Year but thought I'd put them into one post. Saving the blog environment over here! #StopTheBlogSpamming

Anyway, I've had some days when I've been able to just spend hours in the book shop, browsing and not having any need to rush. I would say these are carefully picked books but because I spent so long just looking, but... not so much. Eventually I'd realise how long I've been in a bookshop, think 'crap, just pick!' and get frustrated with myself. I'm one of the most indecisive people in existence, so yeah.

Anyhow, after all the contemplating, I picked. Come see what I got!

Here's a teaser:

*rubs hands together*  Right, let's get to it!

First off, before I start, I actually left out a book from the pictures and I feel really bad, so I had to add it to the final picture, so it will be missing from a few *sob* forgive me, book!

So, the first book I have is one I've wanted to read for so damn long. It's a book that is already adapted into a movie, and it's one of my favourites. I watched it for the millionth time and I thought 'shall I read this? Finally?' so I got it, and that's About A Boy by Nick Hornby. I'm fine with it being a movie-tie-in cover because I love the movie so much, but it's not really a bookshop that has the biggest variety of book covers. We don't have shops like Barnes and Noble over here. About a Boy is such a brilliant movie, I love the sarcasm, the characters and the interesting storyline. I recon it's about time I read it! I just hope reading the book doesn't make me dislike the movie anymore. I'm quite the fan of british movies and books, so if you are too, I highly recommend this one. (I also recon Hugh Grant just plays himself lol) As you can see, I've already started it, and so far it's really good. I'm interested to read more about these characters, so fingers crossed it's a good read! It's not very long so it won't take me long.

The next book I got I'm not excited about because it's a book I have to read for university. Booo! Although I'm studying English Literature, I'm not the biggest fan of classics, so I know I'll struggle with this one. I'm very aware that I will have to read and study classics with my degree, but that's what I need to do to work in publishing.
This book is Hard Times by Charles Dickens. I'll be honest, I read the first page and I just groaned in frustration. This is definitely not my kind of story, but I will review it still just in case there's some fans of classics reading this blog. This'll be an interesting one, that's for sure. I just hope my tutor won't read this.

It'll be Hard Times reading this, eh? eh? Oh man... Also, the cover is nice.

The next book I have I've been meaning to read for a while now. I've heard a lot of good things about it on GoodReads and on Booktube so I'm looking forward to getting into it. Blood Red Road by Moira Young seems to be one of those 'must read' books, and I'm interested to see why it says 'Fans of Hunger Games' on it because I've been fooled by those lines a lot before. I'm not so sure anymore...I think it means the author and/or publisher is trying to get to the fans of the Hunger Games because it's such a huge amount of readers. It's also got a Costa Book Award, so that's interesting. I'm quite looking forward to getting into this one, I've not read a dystopian in a while, so fingers crossed this one's good.

Keeping in the Young Adult genre, I had a look around Waterstones, looking for something different and I saw this one. It was in the Buy One Get One Half Price deal so I was instantly intrigued. They seem to always have the same books in that deal but this one was a new one. The Novice by Taran Matharu is a fantasy book about a boy who can summon demons...oooooh. He'll come in handy for a war, so that'll be an exciting read. I'd not heard of this book before seeing it yesterday so if anyone's read this one or knows if it's any good - do let me know!

Another YA book I got is slightly different to the last ones, as it's contemporary. I'm trying to read more of a variety, as I have dystopian, fantasy, adult and a classic, why not add a contemp into the mix? The cover is quite cute, and the story sounds quite nice, something light-hearted and to brighten it up between reading some heavy books. Well, when I say heavy, I mean either my uni book or big, epic fantasy books. I don't like to read too much of one genre or I'll get sick of it too fast. Anyway, Thanks For The Trouble by Tommy Wallach is about a boy who doesn't talk out of choice, he just writes down what he wants to say, and he skips school to people watch at a hotel. Sounds alright so far, but then he meets a girl called Zelda. Of course he does. But I like her name! We'll see how this one goes, and I'm also interested because this is written by a man. Interesting. I nearly bought the other novel he wrote called We All Looked Up which also sounds cool, but this one was in the deal. Easy to pick!

And the last one, which I forgot because I've already read and reviewed it (as it's now back on my shelf), and that is Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison. I loved this adorable oh-so-british book so much, and if you want something that'll make you laugh, smile and cringe, I highly recommend this one. I also read their first book, Lobsters, last year and absolutely adored it, so these two authors are definitely one's to keep your eye on. They seem to be insta-buy authors for me now, so that's always dangerous to my purse. Read my review here. I had no idea they had another book out, so when I saw it, you can imagine my excitement. "Oh my god, BUYING"

So there you have it. My new, sexy pile of books *hugs them all*. Buying books is a real problem for me, I've given into my cravings and now I'll be okay until I need to itch that scratch again. I'll walk past that bookshop and the magnet inside of it will attract me and I'll have to go in. I need help! Well, I don't want help actually....
"You buy too many books" well, it could be worse. It could be drugs or alcohol, am I right? My mum should be happy about that. 

So what are your thoughts? Have you heard of any of these, read any or intend to? We'd be interested to know if they're any good. When I buy books on a whim, I'm always worried I've made a bad mistake, but I want to give them a chance. Fingers crossed I've had some good decisions. Well, except Dickens. Classics...ugh.
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