Alliteration is no match for us. Each Tuesday, we're choosing a different book-related theme and compiling a list of our top 10 favorite books which correspond to said theme. At times, the list will be a joint one. Other times, we'll each have our individual ten favorites. We gladly accept any Top 10 ideas and recommendations, so feel free to suggest a theme we should cover in the comments below. Or if you so desire, join in by doing our own weekly Top 10s on your blog and drop us a link to let us know. The themes below are in chronological order, from our very first Top 10, down to last week's picks.


Top 10 Books With Multiple Points of View
Top 10 Books We Wish We Had
Top 10 Most Recommended Books
Top 10 Anti-Heroes
Top 10 Reading Gadgets
Top 10 YA Books Set In Europe
Top 10 Books With A Male Point-Of-View
Top 10 Books We'd Rather Not See As Movies
Top 10 Unfinished Book Series