I received my Fandom of the Month box a lot faster than I expected! I came back from a week's holiday and went to pick up the little box of goodness from the post office, and it looks so diddy and cute. I saw a few videos of BookTubers opening their boxes of previous months and they all look great, and although most of the fandoms I like have been and gone, I was very curious as to what this month would be. My first FOTM box.

If you're not aware of what the Fandom of the Month is, it's a monthly box subscription where you receive 3-4 different fandom-related jewellery in a cute drawstring bag. It's only $13 and it's carefully selected items that relate to one specific fandom each time.

This month? Come check it out.

For more information on the FOTM box, pop over to the website HERE

So I have my box. It's such a cute, diddy little thing but it's adorable.

At this point, I'm guessing, and I'm considering one's that haven't been done yet that's popular. Maybe Game of Thrones? But the good thing about fandom jewellery is that even if you don't now the fandom, you can either still wear it or even give it as a gift to someone who does like it. I know lots of people who watch a lot of things on Netflix and are big movie buffs, so that's Christmas sorted! 

But I opened the box, and a picture of pie just emerged. Now, I'm not the BIGGEST fan of this fandom, but I have seen some of it, and yet, the pie thing didn't jog my memory. I love that it straight out tells you about the club and it gives you a subtle clue before opening it. Guessing is the whole fun of it, so that's cute. 
But so far, I still  have no idea yet.

But then I saw this on top of the neatly wrapped tissue and I instantly knew. This month's theme is SUPERNATURAL. 
I've watched this show before, I'm on season 2 at the moment so I'm pleased it's something I've actually seen. I like it so far, and I will admit that it does sometimes creep me out, but I still enjoy it. I was curious as to what kind of jewellery I will get, and I wasn't disappointed. 

I now have a Dean and Sam magnet proudly on my fridge. I feel like I have a sense of protection from demons now!

Under the tissue wrapping, I saw this cute drawstring bag containing the items, and that quote. I have to say, it's a great choice!
I already have one from my RavenPost box which I use for my Kindle but this one is a lot smaller. I could use this for travelling when I want to take jewellery and keep them safe. Also, many other things, maybe using it as a money pouch as I always have so much change. Imagine whipping this out when paying for something, and the cashier is like 'SUPERNATURAL?' and that's when you meet your new best friend. Depends how into the fandom you are, but still!

The first thing I got was this. Now, I'm into rings and big rings, so this is absolutely perfect for me. What a lovely ring! It's one that lets you change the size  too, which is good as one of my hands has fatter fingers than the other (no idea why! My body is just weird). It's quite a big ring, and I love that it could not only symbolise the show, but it can also be worn for someone who isn't even a fan.
I love it. 

Next item I got was these earrings. Yep, the license plate! This is so cool. I love novelty earrings, and this I can definitely see myself wearing. These are intricate and so pretty! These are absolutely prefect if you love the show, and honestly, I love how you can just add something you're passionate about like a TV show subtly to your daily outfit. Going to put them in now.

Last but not least, I got this nice Supernatural necklace! It's quite long, it has the show's title in the circle, and the Colt and the Demon-Killing knife are also added to it! See, not just ANY knife or gun, but it's actually like the one's from the show. Very impressed with the items they chose for this month, very nice, such gorgeous pieces and I think any Supernatural fan will be chuffed with this!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this! All the jewellery is stunning, I like the choice of fandom (I'm just glad it's something I know!) and the fact that it's so cheap as well is fantastic! It's always hard to find one that's a decent price when you live away from the U.S. If you're curious about previous boxes and what fandoms they were, you can check them out here or check online to other bloggers who have received them. 

Definitely looking forward to next month's box!

Do you receive this box subscription? If not, do you think you'll, sign up? I do recommend it, and it is one of the lower priced one's, son that's always a plus. It's worth the money! Let us know your thoughts by either leaving a comment or finding us at any of the following social outlets