Mail time!

I have to say - this is a biggie. 

This post contains books I've bought and parcels I've received in the last couple of weeks, and due to my laziness and busy life (well... reading time), I've yet to write a post. So here I am, shoving it all in one and hoping you don't get bored mid-post.

Come see!

I'm going to start with gifts that were sent to me - FOR NO REASON AT ALL - from our very lovely and loyal friend Dennis. He was kind enough to send me two bookish mugs, because I am a massive mug fiend, and I collect the to the point when I have no room left in my kitchen. I have no shame. But the best kind of mugs? Book mugs! I love them, and I very much enjoy showing my dedication for books while drinking my daily cup of tea. Thank you, friend!

As you're aware, this is the bookish version of Baby Got Back. I prefer Baby Got Books. You can't go wrong with this one, I absolutely love it. Of course I love big books.

And I cannot lie.

You other readers can't deny.
And when a book walks in with an iddy biddy price and a good plot in yo' face, you get EXCITED.

And I have to say, this is my favourite mug. It's not only a bookish mug, but it's a Harry Potter themed mug! This is a quote I love to say when I'm annoyed or pissed off because... deez muggles, and we can all relate. As wizards. Yep, my letter still hasn't come but it will... someday... ah, who am I kidding.

Also, anything Harry Potter makes me happy.

Dennis also sent me a copy of Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski, which is a book I read a while ago and really enjoyed! Finally owning this book gives me the idea of re-reading, so I can finally move onto the next book. Still not read it yet. If you want to know more about this book, I do highly recommend you look it up here

Thank you Dennis!

These next two books are one's I received from publishers Little Brown Book Group in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

I requested Untamed as I'm quite a fan of S.C. Stephens's Thoughtless series (do read these books, they're so good!), and when I heard that she was writing it in Griffin's point of view - I was thrilled!
I recently read it and reviewed the book here, in case you're interested in what I thought. 
More information on Untamed can be found here.

I also received a copy of Misconduct by Penelope Douglas, an author I've read before. I read Bully about two years ago and thought it was a good read, so I'm looking forward to getting into this one. 

I also quite like the cover, so this'll look so pretty on my bookshelf. Thank you, Little Brown!
If you want to know more about this book, come check it out here.

Recently, I signed up to Fandom of the Month, which is a monthly box subscription where they send you 3-4 bookish jewelry of one specific fandom. A surprise fandom. 
Last month, which I reviewed, was Supernatural and it was marvelous! 
I really really recommend you at least look it up, as I was very impressed with this service. It was fast, great value for money and well presented. 
Check out the website for more! 

And now here are the box sets which I found for such a good price, because Christmas is around the corner and all the gift sets are emerging. Naturally, I bought them for myself. Yes, I have a book buying problem.

I already have the Heroes of Olympus series, but only the first two books in the Percy Jackson series. After struggling to find covers matching the ones I already have, I decided to either just wait for a box set or save up to re-buy them. Luckily I found this series for £10. Bargain! The books separately are at least £7 alone, so this saves me so much money. The covers are lovely, and I adore that I have the marching set! I think a re-read is in order soon.
If you're wondering where I got this from, if you're a UK resident, I found them at T.K. Maxx of all the places! 

Also at T.K. Maxx, I found the Gallagher Girls series also for £10. This is such a cute series, I really enjoyed them, and Ally Carter's writing is so easy and fun to read, you fly through the books. As there's so many of them, I was wondering how I'd be able to afford all of them. Thank goodness I found this boxset! Very pleased, and I'm glad these aren't the horrible US covers. Good find, this one!

Are you surprised by this? 

Are you?
Yes, of course I bought Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Illustrated version, and it's glorious! I'm going to read this nearer to Christmas time, but I've already had a flick through at some of the illustrations. 
Wow. Jim Kay did a wonderful job!
If you're a Harry Potter fan, put this on your Christmas list. 

And speaking of Harry Potter...

I have a colouring book already, as I bought it to see if it really was as relaxing as people said. And yes, it's very therapeutic. So, when I heard there was a Harry Potter colouring book...

I've had a bit of a go already, and I'm in love. There are images from all 8 movies, characters, creatures, patterns - everything. So I recommend you grab yourself some colored pens or pencils, get yourself a colouring book Harry Potter-style and get colouring!

Phew! Got there in the end. It's been a good few weeks for books, and it looks as if I'm very spoiled! If you like any of these and wish to fangirl with me, or maybe have a question regarding these books, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you! Either go comment down below or find us at any of the following social media: