It's that time of the month again! Well, the good kind anyway. I got another delivery for my subscription to Fandom Of The Month and I was jolly excited, to say the least! (I can't believe i just wrote 'jolly excited' but okay). It arrived attached to my other delivery of OwlCrate, which will be my first time receiving that one and a review will be up momentarily.

But one at a time. I was so excited to open this month's FOTM. I had no idea what it could be since I thankfully hadn't been spoiled. I might have listed which fandoms I thought it could be before opening the parcel.

Yet again, I was wrong. 

But not disappointed.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you at least have a look at the site and consider getting yourself a subscription. This is by far my favourite box subscription so far. Do it, go do it now! Here is the site: CLICK ME.


WARNING: Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled. Just in case your box hasn't arrived yet.

So, let us begin! We'll start off with my excitement at seeing this card on top of everything in the box. In case you're not aware, I'm a huuuuuge fan of Harry Potter. Well, saying huuuuuge is an understatement. I'm a Potterhead. So seeing this FOTM version of Hagrid's cake to Harry on his eleventh birthday, I thought the theme was  going to be Harry Potter. My reaction: 'Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss'.

Well, it wasn't.

November was, however, a multi-fandom month

It's Fandom Of The Month's one year anniversary! 

Happy Birthday!  

Among all the pretty yellow paper wrappings, I saw this cute drawstring bag which will be added to my growing collection.

Going into this, I'm still thinking Harry Potter. That's the whole fun of this box subscription. You can guess and contemplate what it is based on the bag or the opening card. When you're spoiled, it's never the same. Sadly, Instagram spoiled OwlCrate for me,  but not this one. 

I was also greeted by this magnet, which is now happily stuck to my fridge. I adore this! It's a nod to all the popular fandoms out there. Even though we like different things, or are even part of multiple ones - we are all united in the art of fandom! We admire and fangirl/fanboy over different things but we can relate to many of each other's fandom woes. The waiting, the character loss, the feels, the over-excitement of merchandise and when people get your reference.

As the magnet says - we are generation fandom!
*in love*

Every time I get milk for my tea, I will smile. 

Moving swiftly on, not getting soppy over fandoms anymore, I opened up my drawstring bag and saw this. It's a Harry Potter bookmark! But not just any bookmark, oh no, it's got charms on it (Side note: not the magical subject kind). It's a metal bookmark which shows the world that, although I'm reading something new, this story is still in my life. It's a quill bookmark with a golden snitch and the deathly hallows symbol attached. Always.

Changing fandoms now, and this time we're in Panem. And as you can see, I got a Mockingjay keyring! Yay! Now, I went to go see Mockingjay Part 2 last week (twice... ahem) and I received a keyring from the cinema as part of the Hunger Games deal. (You get a Hunger Games cup, popcorn and keyring.) But the one I received there was the open-winged Mockingjay. This one is the original, so it's different, and it's therefore perfectly okay for me to have two on my keys. Right? I only have fandom-related things on my keys anyway, because I'm a nerd and proud.

I will wear this on my keys and show off my dedication to the series and my respect to the Mockingjay.

I also got this Dr, Who ring. Now, I've never ever seen an episode of Dr, Who, so I can't say I'll be wearing this. But I will admit, it is pretty cool! I do know plenty, and I mean plenty of people who adore the TV show, so I will definitely be giving this to one of them. I guess they'll have to fight for it, because I only have one.

Unless I start watching it... now there's an idea. I know they'll be pleased about that.

Moving on, I saw this one and I was very confused. It's a silver necklace that says 'Not Penny's Boat' in the shape of a hand. I have no idea what this means, but I looked it up and it's from the TV Show Lost. I remember seeing the first episode when it first started, but I didn't get into it. I do know people who like Lost, so this will likely go to them.

Also, if anyone who is a fan of Lost knows what this means, do enlighten me. I'm quite curious!

Last but not least, it's my favourite thing from this box. Silver dragon earrings. 
Dragon. Earrings.

These are so adorable, and I put them in instantly. I love dragons! I was only just recently discussing how amazing dragons are with some friends online, so it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. 

I'm never ever taking these out.

So, there you have it. That was my second of the many Fandom of the Month boxes to come, and it was delightful! I can surely say that, as someone who is on her second month in her three month subscription, I'm signing up for more. Such a fantastic idea, I love subtly showing the world that I love something in the form of jewelry. And for such a low price, it's very much great value for the money.

So, what do you think of this month's box? Let us know! If you want to know more about Fandom of the Month, check out their website for more details. A fan of any of these items, or wish for any fandoms in future boxes? Leave us a comment or find us at any of the following social media: